A U R A  A M B I T I O N

    L A M I X X,   F O U N D E R  J A C Q U E L I N E

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 AURA AVENUE: What prompted you to start your business?

JACQUELINE “After graduating c

ollege, like many graduates I thought what will I do? I always had a love for teaching so as I started to substitute teach, during that time I had an idea to make a high quality off the shoulder shirt. I grew up with very humble beginnings and good clothing was definitely more of a luxury item. I started working since I was 15, with many kinds of jobs… so work ethic was apart of life. After I made my first top successfully, I thought what if I could make high quality clothing and offer it at an affordable price point. That’s when my journey took a life of its own, and with the help of my mother who was a natural at anything begin my journey to design and make clothing with hopes that women everywhere would feel beautiful, timeless and comfortable wearing lamixx, ultimately so they could live there best life!”

AURA AVEaura avenue la mixxNUE: What does the word “A U R A” mean to you?

JACQUELINE: “Aura to me means, your presence that you carry with you in life. I hope to be filled with an aura of light, love & joy, so much that it overflows to everyone that I meet. We all carry some kind of aura depending on what we choose to fill our lives with.. so lets fill up on good things!”

aura avenue la mixx

AURA AVENUE:. Do you work longer hours now as an entrepreneur or when you worked for someone else?

JACQUELINE: You always hear the phrase the grass is greener on the other side. But it truly is greener where you decide to water it. I use to think wow, how awesome it would be to work for yourself. It has many pros, however no doubt about it, I work much more hours collectively working for myself. I look at it as a privilege to build something from scratch, but with every venture there are countless hours put into planning, researching and creating that are unseen. Whether I worked for someone or work for myself, one thing I always kept in mind was to always give your best and whatever you do, do it with all your heart & joyfully.

AURA AVENUE: What is your best advice for new business owners?

JACQUELINE: “The best advice I can give a new business owner is do not get lost in comparison. There are tons of talented and gifted people in the world but only one YOU! If there is something special set in your heart to pursue then by all means find out what is necessary to pursue your dreams. Even to this day I keep my eyes on my own race, so that it is not distorted or stemming form a place of envy or selfish pursuits. It’s easy to look at social media and find yourself getting lost if you don’t know your identity. Focus first on your unique goals, dreams, visions and be fervent in getting the wisdom and support to pursue those passions!”

AURA AVENUE: What is your best advice for women in leadership?

JACQUELINE: “The best advice I can give woaura avenue la mixxmen in leadership is to lead humbly and look for the best in others. A position of leadership is truly anyone who wants put others before themselves. Leadership requires sacrifice that when pursued with a humble heart can see the best in others and truly want the best for anyone they lead or come across.”

AURA AVENUE. How do you balance the stress and schedule of your AURA AVENUE ( your avenue success of your business)

JACQUELINE “When I first started I would say it was definitely unbalanced. That’s when drive can work against you and burnout can creep around the corner, however overtime I realized a few key things. One was to prioritize, I can’t do it all in a day, ask for help if you need too, prayer changes things and always keeping relationships & what truly matters in life in perspective.”

AURA AVENUE .What is your favorite quote?

JACQUELINE: “Do not be overcome by evil, but overcome evil with good
Romans 12:21
Aura Avenue La MixxAura Avenue

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