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The beauty enthusist dream job. Here at Aura Avenue, we took a few minutes to take a sneak peak into the life of Ariell Anne of The Ariel Co. This incredibly talented, beautiful, resilient woman, embodies all the traits we love in an Aura Ambition woman. Take a look into her life, her success, and her beautiful products.


auraavenue1. You seem so talented in several areas, what made you want to get into hair products specifically?
I let energy and manifestations guide me to dive deep into these fields.
I have eczema, super sensitive skin and entirely too many hair dyes to not color my hair every week. So, I designed an all natural hair care, body care line to take care of me that I trust enough to eat. It started out with me making scrubs for my friends and families on the holidays and has progressed to be this wonderfully challenging journey of opportunity and trust. I learn more and more about myself everyday and love it like a grandma.
2. What has been your biggest challenge in starting your business?
Myself. Completely. I’ve had to face myself, tear apart myself and look at all in my life from a new perspective. I’m constantly facing my ego and teaching myself about purpose and healing to ready myself to wholeheartedly fulfill the opportunities that are meant for me. I am fully responsible for each and every thing in my life. I’m in love with the universe and energy and trust my empathetic energies from things as small as what lane to drive in on the freeway to things as large as how to care for family members suffering from cancer. Something tells me what is needed of me, ignoring this has resulted in prolonged periods of suffering. It’s become my greatest trust.

3. You seem fairly young, at what age did you start your brand and where did you see it going in the beginning? Is where you are now are true to that original thought?

Ariella Anne- Aura Avenue
Ariella Anne- Aura Avenue
Fifteen, I started off on MySpace selling my old clothes to help fund my desire for independence and added extensions to it which spiraled me into who I am today. I literally moved out when I was sixteen, broke my family’s hearts and I went back home, but I have just always had a craving for personal development and growth. Since then I’ve just been listening to the needs and providing what healing I can. I’m always trying to find a balance between overly indulging in my dream and being present in reality.
4. If you had any advice to new young female entrepreneurship, what would it be?
Listen. Love. Respect. Kill your ego and turn inward. Being courageous enough to do these things aligns you to your life purpose and allows you to develop at the greatest speed and enter into the most gorgeous relationship of your life, with life. Crave, learn, and don’t allow yourself to get bored. You’re here for a reason, you’re powerful and you’re worthy, align yourself with that.
5. Where would you like to take your brand?
Currently, I want wholesale accounts. I know what I am capable of and its eating me up inside. I feel like I need to provide and I’m trying to figure out where the launch button is while feeling blind to all the possibilities of life.
auraavenue6. What is your favorite quote?
This is so hard, I just think of my grandma and honestly I’m in tears. All quotes that call to me just reflect the love her and I have for one another. Sincerity, passion, trust, fulfillment, not an ounce of doubt. My grandma Claire was gorgeous, classy, smart, witty, providing, in control and happy. She was my best friend. Her death was the greatest challenge I’ll ever go though. Knowing that has given me peace and purpose. Her complete beauty is my strive. Whatever I am meant to be, it will be done in aspiration to be my best person like her. I read the most gorgeous quotes daily online, they make me feel so in tune. They remind me that I’m meant to be here. Right now. And I am worthy.
7. What do the words AURA AVENUE mean to you?
I believe in auras and energy more than anything. Avenue reminds me of the fun and beautiful beach houses I’ve stayed in and remind me of the fact that I create my own reality. Most of the world is asleep, I need to awake and lead it.
8. Do you find it difficult to relate to your family and friends, now having started your own business?
My family is my worst critic. Most of my friends would probably say something like “Poor Ariella, her family doesn’t support her, I can’t imagine living in a family like that” but honestly, But, God***** f bless them for never letting me slack. I come from a family of business oriented men and loving or critical women that want me to just go into nursing or work for the courts. Literally, everyone will tell me to quit on my family, but for some reason when I ask the universe what I need, my family always seems to provide. It’s like some crazy dynamic of the perfect amount of tension for learning and enough purpose and truth for me to just make the most of myself with what I know I love.
9. If  you could do anything different, what would it be? auraavenue
Nothing. Well, I do feel like I’m meant to be in this moment right now at this point….. But I do wish I turned inward years ago. I know that sounds “off” for being only 24 and “self aware” but I love the process, and if I could change anything it would be to add depth.” Depth is gorgeous”. I would take all of this on the most enlightening rollercoaster, shake myself up, feel sick, but come to the conclusion that I was strong enough to fulfill this insane journey that was meant for me.
10. Where is your company located?
Fullerton, CA. Presently, or for the last 6 months at least, I have relocated, but my core is in Fullerton, my energy is centered there. I’m always on the move trying to learn, feed my passion, and listening to the energies. Currently I have been working out of La Mirada, Costa Mesa, and San Diego, working while living and taking in everything around me as I go about life.
11. Do you find it challenging to balance your own schedule? Is it easier or harder to stay motivated?
My schedule comes as easily as I allow it to. Trusting and voicing my needs has made time feel like melted butter; It’s sweet when added on everything and it’s so simple.
12. What would you like people to know and understand most about your company?
Love. Give and receive more love. I want a large audience, I want to make an impact. I open my products and feel so much depth for the pure and simple indulgence within. I want everyone to feel the love, with my products or anything in life. If this is the energy I was meant to create then this is the energy I am meant to multiply and distribute.

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