This post has been a long time coming but I am so excited to share another Aura Ambition story with our Tribe (YOU).  We asked Goldstruck CEO and creative genius Chanel Marshall to share her journey with us and her story is pure magic! She’s a modern day Mary Poppins with her own unique taste in fashion, beauty and style. We were lucky enough to be mused by Chanel for our GIRLS NIGHT OUT NYE themed shoot back in December and can’t wait to play again soon.


AURA: Give us some background on who you are, what your brand is and when you made the decision to become an entrepreneur/freelancer/artist.

CHANEL: After years of working in the beauty industry – I had previously worked behind the chair as a hairstylist + MUA for 12 years – I decided it was time to mix it up a bit. My primary love is fashion and the way beauty and fashion come together to create a complete presence. I am particularly drawn to vintage and have always mixed vintage pieces into new looks. Styling comes naturally from. As a little girl, my main priority was outfit planning. My closet for the week would be fully mapped out, down to the accessories. It was such an obvious move for me to start styling. While 0n-set as a hair and makeup artist, I would always find myself helping out the stylist during downtime, which taught me the details of styling and made me realize how much I love creating the look head to toe. I started bringing pieces of vintage to style into every shoot and discovered people loved it. Vintage brings such a unique pop to a brand’s look. I also found that boutique and brand owners are often overwhelmed by the photoshoot process and the fewer people a brand needs to hire on, the more streamlined a day of shooting can become. This lead to Goldstruck. I created Goldstruck as a business of beauty and styling, with a heavy vintage influence. I style and create content using vintage pieces from my brand, GoldstruckGoods and am also there to get my hands in the beauty process as well. I love being involved in creating the whole look!

AURA: When it comes to emerging brands, audiences only tend to see the glamorous side of doing business (cashing checks, storefronts, social media, etc.). Which is great, but in reality, it’s only about 2 percent of what the work actually looks like. Give us a description of a normal day operating as Gold Struck.

CHANEL: One of the things I love the most about freelance is the chaos. Everyday is so different for me! Because of my multiple roles in the industry, my day heavily depends on the jobs I have that week. Most days, my morning starts with major cuddles from my pup, coffee and time at my computer blogging (I blog behind the scenes from my shoots and also beauty + vintage styling tips), updating my portfolio and answering emails. And more coffee. Then, I am either packing up my hair + makeup kit, loading up the car with mounds of clothing and props for a styling gig (or both) and hitting the road to create magic with a creative team. Other days, I am searching for vintage or photographing, styling and listing vintage for GoldstruckGoods, stopping in at boutiques that carry the line to do inventory or re-stock and see what I need to shop for. A lot of days are also spent running around collecting clothing, shoes and details for any upcoming styling projects. Or mood boarding for upcoming shoots. All mixed in with cooking, cleaning, spending time with my husband and pup and squeezing in important time with friends. It’s insane. But I love it.

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AURA: How has social media affected your career and where do you see its importance taking a role in the development of your brand through the next years of business?

CHANEL: Social media has completely changed the fashion and beauty industry. And the rest of the world. It has created so many jobs for creatives, which I adore. I have a love-hate relationship with social media. Though it is an amazing tool for marketing, creating and expressing oneself, I also see it as a bit unhealthy. The pressure to keep up and constant checking on likes, engagement, followers seems somewhat scary to me. That being said, I have gotten couples jobs via Instagram and have met and collaborated with people I would normally not be in touch with, so I am grateful. It seems like every time I say, “Ugh I hate Instagram… I’m going off the grid,” I’ll receive contact from someone exciting or get hit up for a job and fall in love with it all over again. Instagram has changed my business and I’m not even that involved. I see it being hugely important through the future, especially as people are becoming more and more accustomed to consistently staring at their phones. How else are you supposed to communicate since people don’t talk anymore?! 😉

AURA: Offline, what hurdles have you had to overcome and what do you foresee in the future that may challenge your brand?

CHANEL: Keeping up with the pace in which I am currently hustling will eventually kill me. Hahaha. I must learn to ask for help and say no sometimes. I’ll let you know if that ever actually happens.

AURA: How do you stay organized within your business as well as your personal daily routine?

CHANEL: I am an organization nazi. It’s the only way I get through every day. It would be impossible for me to juggle multiple creative outlets without Quickbooks for tax organization, Dropbox for photos, and wood crates for shoes and accessories for styling. Styling requires storing tons of clothing in various sizes so I sort those in large tupperware containers by size and I am lucky enough to have enough space in our place for a wardrobe room to store vintage and all the other styling props, jewelry and shoes. My personal daily routine on the other hand… messy!

AURA: What are your favorite phone apps?

CHANEL: Aflterlight, Plainly, Easy, Dropbox, Postmates

AURA: If there’s anything you could change about the industry you are in what would it be?

CHANEL: The ego and judgement of the fashion/beauty industry can be insane. And the last minute bookings and cancellations of freelance life can be mind-boggling.

AURA: What are some of your biggest accomplishments as a beautypreneur/stylist/?

CHANEL: One of my biggest accomplishments has been flying out to San Francisco with an activewear sunglass line to style and beautify 5 models. It was a lot of work doing all of the beauty and styling solo but the images turned out really special and it was quite and accomplishment being in charge of the full looks head to tow with multiple outfit looks per model and location changes over 2 days. The team was fantastic and I have maintained relationships with the models, the brand and the creative director/photogrpaher. Maintaining these special relationships we gain along the way is key to me.

AURA: What mistake(s) have you made with your business? What did you learn from the experience/how did you bounce back?

CHANEL: I have overwhelmed myself by not saying no and working with people or brands that don’t fit my esthetic. I’m learning to say no or listen to my own intuition if something doesn’t feel right. Undercharging is one of my biggest fails. Every job is different and I have learned I need to ask a few questions prior to quoting any rates.

AURA: What is your most meaningful memory since you’ve launched your brand?

CHANEL: Angela O’Brien of Cleobella has been an angel to me throughout this process. She was the first babe to give me true support and advise through the journey. My most meaningful memory has been my first ever vintage pop-up at Cleobella boutique, which I adore because I am currently prepping for an event at the boutique tomorrow evening. I have also been a part of incredible photoshoots with them, involving travel and the most beautiful clothing, models and locations. These moments with this brand and their incredible team have been my most cherished memories so far.

AURA: What’s your next goal?

CHANEL: Oh boy. Drinking enough water today? JK. I see myself evolved in a close creative team or opening up a shop of my own. I bounce between these 2 ideas back and forth on a daily basis and have learned to keep myself open to enjoying the journey.

AURA: In your opinion, what are key traits every female entrepreneur should aspire to have personally and professionally?

CHANEL: Having the ability to be grateful, brave and accountable.

AURA: What advice would you give yourself 10 years ago?

CHANEL: “Save your money, girl!”

AURA: Do you have any start-up advice you can share with women reading this who would like to launch their own business or brand?

CHANEL: Take a deep breath and be brave.

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