Aura Ambitioner Guide: helping YOU channel your Inner Entrepreneur

Aura Ambitioner Guide: helping YOU channel your Inner Entrepreneur

Aura Ambitioner Guide: helping YOU channel your Inner Entrepreneur


Whether you are a baker, crafter, artist or dancer, channel your inner entrepreneur by following our Aura Ambitioner Guide. We have taken a lot of the knowledge we’ve gained by not only our own experiences but by those of our #AuraTribe and the various female CEOs we have featured on our site! They are the pros! We want to empower, inform and inspire you to dive in to your purpose.

Aura Ambitioner Guide - Be an Entrepreneur

Aura Ambitioner Guide #1

HINDSIGHT | Wisdom before you start from CEOs

1 – It gets lonely. It isn’t necessarily that working by yourself is lonely – especially when you have an audience that you can interact with, but more so making decisions alone. Pets help, but not usually with that part.

2 – Don’t compare. Every person and business has a different growth model. Don’t compare yourself to an apple if you are a rock! You could be a gem for all you know.

3 – Wear multiple hats. This isn’t actually a piece of advice to follow, this is more of a do or die motto. Customer service, accounting, marketing, pr, production. It’s all up to you. You’ll be able to define your strengths within a few months or even possibly within a year and then be able to delegate the others when you build out your team. But trust us, you will do it all in the beginning!

4 – Be patient. Our expectations dilute our satisfaction on the small steps. Don’t just count strides. Keep a log you’ll be able to look back on of minutes that shaped your success. You will realize it was the little day ins & outs that truly created your brand.

5- Get advisors. We are still working on this. But someone we admire and got an opportunity to have an incredible conversation with recently reminded us of how valuable mentors and advisors truly are when starting a business. This can be a professor, coffee shop friend, family accountant or relative. Ask someone you know and respect to give you an hour or two of their time each week to assess your growth and potential.

6 – Learn to problem solve. There will be road blocks, ditches and even road kill. The path to success has roller coaster highs and lows. Your ability to learn and adjust will be the telling tale of how you overcame the beasts that stood in your way.


aura-ambitioner-guide-be-an-entrepreneurAura Ambitioner Guide #2

Find your WHY.

What is your passion? What problem do you solve? What change do you want to affect?

In all, what is your purpose? Will this be a passion project or a business?

Ask yourself the tough questions in the beginning to prepare you for the decisions to come.

Aura Ambitioner Guide - Be an Entrepreneur

Aura Ambitioner Guide #3

SWOT – if any of you paid attention in school – this should jar your memory and get your clock ticking. If not, look it up.

Strengths v Weaknesses

What talents do you offer? Personality traits, credentials, obsessions and passions all can lead you in the right direction. Where do you need help? What are your fears?

Opportunities vs Threats

Who do you know? Who do you not know? What is the competition doing? Is anything standing in your way?

Aura Ambitioner Guide - Be an Entrepreneur

Aura Ambitioner Guide #4


Step 1: Write a Business Plan

Step 2: Choose a Name. Consider naming your business after yourself. No one can define your brand better.

Step 3: Register Domain & Build Site. PC Mag’s best web hosting list – we use GoDaddy

Step 4: Design Logo. Take your time here. It took us almost a year to get our final look but we always kept the same theme throughout.

Step 5: Create Social Accounts. Pinterest, IG, Facebook page, Tumblr, Snapchat, Twitter… did we miss any?

Step 6: Office Supplies & Space. This is some groundwork but it is worth it. Clean clear environment to work in… the less sticky notes the better. And for the love of God please get a printer. Nothing is worse than not being able to respond to a client due to the lack of office equipment.

Step 7: Market & Promote. You have a lot of options here now. Play around on Etsy if you are selling a product, buy some add space to grow your Pinterest, go to local events and shake hands, print business cards immediately. Here’s a great list of other ideas from The Shop Files. Aura needs to implement several of these great budget friendly promos.


Aura Ambitioner Guide - Be an Entrepreneur

Aura Ambitioner Guide #5

Fund Your Dream

The money won’t come over night. You will have to sacrifice a lot to get to where you want to be. Find ways to make some extra cash flow that you can put back into your business easily.

In example:

@BossKatie is doing a popup shop after purging her closets of beautiful and lightly used clothing.

Ivy and I have both started our own Poshmark accounts. I also just got approved on Shutterstock.

We also take modeling jobs and do free-lance work when available.

Dog walk, house sit, Uber/Lyft on off days, sell photos on Shutterstock, nanny, consumer surveys, focus groups, etc. There really are a lot of good options that can keep you afloat while your business grows.


Aura Ambitioner Guide #6

Strong Circle of Friends

The people you surround yourself with in a way will become an extension of your brand. Make sure they’re a good fit. Find friends who genuinely love on you, pray for you, respect you and uplift you. Date someone who motivates you, applauds your efforts and has a similar work ethic, set of values and lifestyle.

Socialize to avoid burn out. You will always need time away to get a fresh perspective and keep your business healthy. Make sure to take time to get away from the hustle and bustle. Go on a road trip with friends, a staycation with your significant other or even a trip home to see your family. This time is just as important as the hours spent in your office.

Questions to ask when befriending or potentially dating someone: Does this person support what I do? Will this person hold me accountable? Will this person bring out only the best in me? Do I see this person fitting in my life 5 years from now? 10 years from now?

Aura Ambitioner Guide - Be an Entrepreneur

Aura Ambitioner Guide #7


Put in the hours. Make a schedule and stick to it. Devote X amount of hours to your business a day. Write down your goals and put the list on your desk or somewhere you can see it each day.

Stay genuine. This may be the most important guideline we have to share. Nothing beats staying true to YOU and your purpose. Under any circumstance, simply do your best, and you will avoid self-judgment or regret.

Learn to pivot. “Failing only happens when you stop trying.” – Naveen Jain. When you hit an obstacle, don’t let it stop you. Adjust and it will all work out.

Don’t take anything personally. Nothing others do is because of you. What others say and do is a projection of their own reality and their own dreams. When you stop focusing on the opinions and actions of others, you give yourself the potential to reach your personal best.


Hope you enjoyed our guide. Feel free to share with others in need of encouragement today! Cheers to your DREAMS. We are hear to support, love and motivate you to ultimately become the entrepreneur you have always been.


Chelse K

Photo credit: Personal images, Nicole Marie, Alvaro Quiala and Picjumbo Stock.

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