AURA AMBITON: Luella Boutique

AURA AMBITON: Luella Boutique

AURA AMBITON: Luella Boutique



Not all boutiques are created equal. This shop is woman owned and operated and inspired by Jodi and her two adorable daughters. This fashion gem is located inside Union Market Tustin, in the District shopping center in Tustin, Ca. There are several other cute shops to peak at after your Luella Boutique shopping spree. Grab a coffee from Portola or a juice from Drinkbar Juicery while you shop. Take a peak at our Aura Ambition Interview with the owner of Luella Boutique.

1. What prompted you to start your business?

Luella Boutique:  “I have always been my own boss. I love the responsibility of creating a business and watching it grow and thrive”


2. What does the word “A U R A” mean to you?

Luella Boutique: “To me it means someone that has an inspiring and eclectic vibe.”


3.aurablog3 Do you work longer hours now as your own boss or when you worked for someone else?

Luella Boutique: “You are never not working or thinking about your business when its your own!”

4. What is your best advice for new business owners?

Luella Boutique “Do your homework…figure out financially if this can be a lucrative enough venture to sustain the lifestyle you want.”

5. What is your best advice for women in leadership?

Luella Boutique “I believe woman are at the forefront of so many creative and successful businesses these days. I think to never hinder your beliefs because your a women is key. Women can lead as well or better than any man.”

6. How do you balance the stress and schedule of your AURA AVENUE (your avenue to success of your business)?

Luella Boutique “Stay healthy, eat well, exercise often and take time for fun!”

Jodi, what is your favorite quote?


“You’ve gotta dance like there’s nobody watching,
Love like you’ll never be hurt,
Sing like there’s nobody listening,
And live like it’s heaven on earth.”



Durch die größe des tisches können sich mehrere leute gleichzeitig interaktiv informieren und mit den inhalten arbeiten.

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Chelse K

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