A U R A  S H A P E      A U R A   N O U R I S H

It is so easy to get distracted, and compile of list of why not’s. Here is Aura’s Ten Tips to Stay Motivated.  A healthy mind and body, will ultimately accomplish more.

1.Turn off the TV: While at times social media can be an encouraging form of motivation to get inspired and lace up your sneakers, the TV often aura avenue tips to stay motivatedis not. Even if it is on in the background it can often set the tone for a relaxing mood. Relaxing is what you do AFTER the gym.

2. Water: Make sure you are staying hydrated before, and after your workouts. Soreness can often be a reason people don’t make it the next day. We do not always have to bring the intensity but maintaining that date with yourself, is just as important as our physical goals. Keep the water flowing and your mind at ease.

3. Monitor your TRIBE:It is so incredibly important to maintain a constant energy around you, that you would like to embody. Spending your time with those who do reflect the life you are wanting to achieve, then it is time to edit your TRIBE. If your goals are to pour into your health, make sure you are not easily enticed to go out for cocktails and banish your fitness intentions. Get around those that inspire you.Get around those that are like minded.

4. Keep a well organized gym bag and clean options for gym sessions: It is to easy to come up with excuses, and laundry is was one, that unfortunately can be a reality. Making sure you keep your gym clothes organized with several options that you FEEL GOOD IN, is important. We ALL have laundry, we are ALL busy. Be the person that has more results than excuses.

 5. Playlist savvy: Be sure to have inspiring tunes. Our phones are connected to us all day long. We can easily set a playlist for the mood we are in or the mood we wish to get OUT of. Music is so powerful, use it to your advantage.

6. REMEMBER YOUR “WHY”: Stay in-tune with why you have the physical goals you have. Keeping that in the forefront will keep you dedicated and committed. Are you looking to look great for a reunion? Are you wanting to be in the best shape of your life for a milestone birthday? Having these present in your mind will keep you focused.WORTH BLOG

7.Praise your progress and commitment: Praise your progress even if it is not exactly where you wish to be. We tend to focus on results, when REALLY so often people feel less fulfilled than anticipated when they reach that goal they had set. We have to remember to praise the process and realize in the PROCESS is where the GROWTH happens.

8. Organize your environment: it is much harder to get to the gym after walking into a messy home. The disorganization ignites laziness and often a sense of being overwhelmed. Taking a few minutes to pick up you170815_AuraAvenue_492r home, to at least change the environments tone often sets you up for success.

9. Have a reward system: Keep true to your top three priorities. The gym is more about mental clarity and less about weight and physical apperance. Stay true to your commitment of a healthy you, mentally, physically and spiritually, and reward yourself only after those are completed.

10. Don’t Focus on weight.  Thankfully our weight fluctuates. If we souly focus on that aspect, we will drive ourselves crazy. Our bodies are forgiving, and will take a natural comfortable weight when we feed it and give it proper rest. Focus on that TIME with yourself at the gym, NOT the scale.




During the 2004-05 school year, only 30 percent of bia-run schools made adequate yearly progress under the federal no child left behind act.

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