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Ivy Carnegie & Chelse K Schipper Co-Founders of Aura Avenue


We are The Girls. Ivy Carnegie and Chelse K Schipper; two like-minded women from different areas of expertise with a passion for all things beauty, brains and business. Together, we have built a platform to encourage and offer wisdom on what really matters for young women in the world today. To help uncover choices and opportunities many do not know they have. To give young women a voice. To give young women empowerment. Welcome to:

A U R A || A V E N U E.

Aura Avenue is developing rapidly into a lifestyle blog with a variety of content for women of all ages. We are unique to the blog industry, due to the fact that our goal is to create awareness for other women who strongly deserve credibility. What does this mean? On a day-to-day basis, we will be filling our blog and social media with inspiration to a multitude of subjects that we are more than passionate about. We will be including photos, videos, links, stories, and confessions, all to bring the experiences we have found to your fingertips. Some of the subjects we will touch on are fashion, health, travel and entrepreneurship. On a larger scale, we will be connecting and collaborating with other women who inspire us with their strengths and accomplishments.

In addition to the individual attributions that we pour into Aura Avenue, we have put together a group of influential young women, shining with passion and similar goals, to share this experience with. These beauties will be known to our readers as The Team. They will be blogging, influencing on social media and curating new content within all outlets of Aura Avenue. We each feel an overwhelming excitement in our hearts to share the knowledge and wisdom of like-minded women and let it spread among our generation and the generations to come. Aura Avenue is here to give a purpose to all women who strive to establish their own success.


Our Mission:

It is our mission to create opportunities with like-minded females, to discover paths less traveled, to share our energy and re-define success.


Our Vision:

To be a lifestyle brand with credibility and influence that showcases collaborators, specifically trending brands and female entrepreneurs.


AURA will deliver true narratives from real women who work hard every day to bring their hopes and dreams into reality. We hope to make bold, visual and compelling stories come to life for female brands and startups. We feel the need to empower women, re-define success, discover powerful insight and inspiration, motivate others and create balance. We are here to set a trend and pave our own path!
We travel for the stories. The enlightened senses. The nostalgia that comes with each illuminated path we follow in search of adventure. We want to indulge you in the depths of lovers secrets, sensational scenes and true beauty one can only find from travel. From the down filled pillows in boutique hotel bedrooms to the flights we took to get there, WANDER will be a place to share experiences and stories with you. Collecting moments, breathing in crisp clean air, meeting strangers and calling cabins in the woods home.
“ All men are born originals but most die copies.” Myles Monroe.
NOURISH YOU the deepest YOU; the core you that you were created to be.
In our NOURISH category, you will find inspiring, raw soul food, and recipes to fuel YOU to live the best, healthiest, balanced life, and tackle the day-to-day without sacrificing the importance of your wellbeing.
Mother Nature had our back, before we messed with it all. We have to check back into those roots, and watch our skin glow, our hormones balance and our nourished self thrive. We are here to keep you up to date on all things NOURISHING.
French fashion designer Yves Saint Laurent is quoted saying, “Fashions fade, style is eternal.” We couldn’t agree more! Coming to know your personal style is something that is acquired over time. Your style should SHAPE your individuality, your personality, and overall lifestyle. It is something that has to be nurtured and true. Consider SHAPE as your new go to fashion and beauty source. In SHAPE, you will find style suggestions, views, and current trends with a hint of occasional beauty secrets. Together we can share tips, tricks, and talk trends!
We are hear to curate content that is valuable to each viewer but we also want to make sure we give opportunities that come from the heart to reflect, give back and participate in.
SHINE is exactly that. We will be developing compelling stories about women who live with a purpose to give back, those who influence through their service of work as well as those who all around do good or serve a purpose that we consider Shine worthy.
Inside of SOUL, you will find out the who and what to The Girls, The Team and our Production Crew that deserve credit for Aura Avenue. Please visit Soul to check out bios, photos and stories of each individual involved with Aura Avenue and to learn how to get in touch with us to collaborate or work together in the future.

We are so excited to share our world with you. Aura Avenue has been created with so much drive and passion for YOU, the friends and future acquaintances that deserve a community of your own. We hope you enjoy every moment we share and are filled with re-assurance that your dreams can become reality and you are not alone in this beautiful journey.


Chelse K, Ivy

Chelse K Aura AvenueAura Avenue Ivy Carnegie

We want to hear from you!

Please contact us for our full scope of services and additional information on how to get involved with Aura Avenue. We value and welcome ALL feedback as we want a positive experience for our community to be first priority for the brand.

Collaboration, PR & Sponsorship Inquiries

Any other inquiries can be directed personally to The Girls.

Photos: Alvaro Quiala 

Styled by: Vivian Kania 

HMUA: Angelina Q

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Chelse K

Chelse K

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