Best Friend Hacks.

Best Friend Hacks.

Best Friend Hacks.

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Best Friend Hacks. Are you ” bestie” worthy?

Chelse K Ivy Carnegie & Nicole Balasamo


Our Siddhi Yoga Wear

What makes a bestie a bestie?

  1. Appreciate your differences. Nothing makes differences contrast than when the yin is next to the yang. A best friend knows their besties special traits and shines a light on those special differences. Embrace your differences and why you balance each other out. Two yins never look as good as a yin and a yang.

2. Be understanding.  Have you ever been around someone that just seems  to be ” faking the funk”? Usually besties are besties because they can be themselves with each other. Be yourself, say what you feel and be understanding when your bestie expresses her honest self, too. Understanding is a two way street. Be the most understanding person around, your bestie will cherish the space you’ve made for her to be herself.

3. Encourage them. Going after your dreams is scary. It is easy to get stuck in our own heads. Be the loud voice of encouragement. Forget her flaws and hiccups and remind her of what a power house of a woman she is. Be there every step of the way. Be aware of her mental hiccups and be that linebacker to help her get that dream to the goal line. Encouragement goes so far.

4. Don’t knock her relationship.  None of us are perfect. Sometimes your bestie will communicate dissatisfaction in her relationship. There is support, there is truth and then there is still plain gossip, even if she is encouraging it. Keep your relationship centered around goals, empowerment and fun. Leave the gossip out of it whenever possible. It is easy for women to get in to “men bashing banter”, this isn’t helpful and does not help your friendship or her relationship. Be a good ear, but an even better encourager and negative gossip diffuser.

4. Trust undoubtedly. Always give your bestie the benefit of the doubt. Things will happen, offer that trust and your bestie will earn it as time comes. In todays society we seem to have an idea that they must prove trust worthy first, before ever haven broken our trust. This isn’t fair. Trust your bestie with all you have and she will cherish your confidence in her ability to be your side kick.

5. Make the effort. Life gets busy for all of us. Don’t let your bestie always be the one to make the effort. Schedule lunches, walks, work outs, etc. We all go through seasons of hardship be ready to be there even when it may not be convenient for you.

6. Disagree well. Sometimes you won’t agree. Sometimes you will get tired and irritated and short tempered. It is not the end of your friendship. Be an adult, agree to disagree, apologize for your fault in the situation and move on. Go enjoy something you know you both enjoy and remember you are different people with different back grounds and different needs. It is ok to disagree, just do it well.

Location: Belmont Park, San Diego, Ca

Photographer: Nicole Balsamo

Clothing by: Our Siddhi

Styled by: Aura Avenue

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