@bosskatie x Our Siddhi x What The Festival

@bosskatie x Our Siddhi x What The Festival

@bosskatie x Our Siddhi x What The Festival

It’s festival season once again and I could not be more glowy. This year I’m adding a whole new spin on my festival experience with more art, more press, and a new partnership with Our Siddhi.

Siddhis (Sanskrit); spiritual, paranormal, supernatural, or otherwise magical powers that manifest as bi-products of spiritual advancement through Sadhanas, such as yoga and meditation. Or in my case, festivals.

Yoga is an important part of my festival experience. There is so much stimulation happening between the music, art, people, food, etc. that it becomes crucial for me to step away and remember why I came. For me, it’s not about the party. It’s about connecting with myself and digging deeper into the meaning of life. It’s about finding ground in a world where it’s easy to get swept away. It’s about the supernatural.

“Laugh my friend, for laughter ignites a fire within the pit of your belly and awakens your being.”

—Stella & Blake

“Coexistence exists. Unity is achievable. If we work toward becoming our full expression of selves, we can run this world again.”
– Katie McQuaid

 And then there’s food…

because a friend in the food truck biz is always a good idea.

So good food, yoga, sunshine and pool party… what more could you ask for?

Oh, and cute butts.

Namastoked to hang this beautiful dreamcatcher!

Ah, What The Festival. Such a unique festival experience.
Dreamcatchers, forest yoga, great food, and bitchin’ vibes…
I can feel my siddhis rising.

xoxo @bosskatie

Looking for more?
You can read more about What The Festival here and shop this look at OurSiddhi.com.


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