@bosskatie x Our Siddhi x Northern Nights

@bosskatie x Our Siddhi x Northern Nights

@bosskatie x Our Siddhi x Northern Nights

“Northern Nights is the best festival I’ve ever been to. It’s got that family vibe, you know? Like everyone is just here to have a good time. Some of my best friends are people I met here. My festival fam just keeps on growing!”

-Jacob, California, fifth year

My journey to Northern Nights began in Spokane, WA and ended in Piercy, CA, where the festival is held along a whimsical river bend in the Redwood Forest. Tucked away on private property, this festival is a one-of-a-kind adventure like you’ve never ventured before.

First of all, the river is supreme. It is the main attraction during the day because the river stage is the only one jamming, and well, who doesn’t want to watch their favorite artist play while lounging on a flamingo floatie in perfect 80 degree weather? You never know who you may meet on this magical little river bend, but I guarantee you will swim away with a new friend or two.

After a long day on the river, soaking up all of that glories sunshine, it is critical that you nourish and hydrateyour body. My go to: coconut water. Coconut water is jam packed with essential nutrients and electrolytes to replenish your system, which is absolutely necessary before a long night of dancing in my magic cowboy boots.

Hydration is SO important at a festival. You are running around non stop under the beaming sun, and time seems to slip away. It’s easy to forget that you need twice as much water as usual, so supplementing with coconut water is key.

If you need a break from the river and feel like roaming around, you’re in luck. Northern Nights brings in the perfect blend of merchants that have everything you could possibly need and more. Not only will you find clothes and accessories, but you can have your face painted, hair glittered, or get a henna tattoo on your hand. There’s a little something for everyone.

And let’s not forget about yoga in The Grove. Classes are held throughout the morning in a space surrounded by art, crystals, and tea. The Grove is a great place to lounge, regroup, or meditate during the day. At night it turns into an outdoor club complete with a pirate ship and a full size bar. Be sure to experience both ends of the spectrum, because The Grove is where it’s at!

What sets Northern Nights apart from the rest is the people that it attracts. Easy going, California vibes are what this festival is all about. Each year I attend I make more friends than I do at any other festival. It’s all about the love at Northern Nights and I look forward to making each year an even better experience than the last.

See you in The Grove!

xoxo bosskatie

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