A U R A Success Tips: Stop saying “Try”

A U R A Success Tips: Stop saying “Try”

A U R A Success Tips: Stop saying “Try”

We get into this habit of saying, well I’m ” trying,” or “I’ll give my best effort.” In reality, we are really giving ourselves and opportunity to fail, and save some face. Those around us also feel more comfortable with this, as they see our effort as validation of “trying.”dreams

Today’s society seems to be built for a whimp mentality. We have all become “soft”. We are scared of real failure, so we create this grey area of acceptance and mask it with the word T R Y. I truly believe some of us are aware of this subconsciously while others may be completely oblivious of the wreckage they are building up under one simple word. In reality, failing at something you gave your full effort in, is better than failing because you did not whole heartedly REALLY try. This all can apply to business success or anything goal setting.

When someone has a child, there are no returns. Three weeks into a newborn there is rarely a situation where in the middle of the night a parent says…. “well I tried, lets return it.” NO. It’s do or die time. You get up, frazzled, exhausted, confused and feed that sweet, crying bundle of of joy.

What happened to DO IT or DON’T DO IT? When did we lose so much confidence in ourselves that we had to give ourselves an escape route when going after new dreams, goals, things? Can’t we just keep these goals and tasks to ourselves, and just DO THEM? Lets take out the word “try” from our vocabulary and just DO IT as Nike would say. Commitment is key – not ‘trying’.

170815_AuraAvenue_23It is scientifically proven that when our minds come up with an idea, our brain immediately comes up with all the reasons why something it will not work. Before we ever even finish completing that dream or thought, our brain has already come up with a list of ten reasons why we shouldn’t do it, why we can’t do it, and how it will feel when we fail. Let’s face it, being negative about something is easy. Being positive takes extreme effort and continued mental focus. We have to back track our thoughts to success and get it DONE. We must be aware that negative emotions and doubt will be there, and figure out a way to mentally charge those.

There is no difference between the person who owns five successful companies, or you, working on one. The most powerful thing that person has learned is adversity, and positive thinking. Do you think someone with that much success gets up and says, “I think I will “TRY” to be successful today? No, they do it. They do the tasks that are needed to maintain their success and grow their ideas. That person has no more mental capacity or success ability than YOU or I, they just chose to DO IT instead of “try”.

Lets all stop TRYING and start DOING. The decision is yours!


Ivy Carnegie


Aura Avenue Ivy Carnegie

Photos: Alvaro Quiala 

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Not everyone is sold snap here on the idea that the intrinsic model is worthy of replication.

Chelse K

Chelse K

One thought on “A U R A Success Tips: Stop saying “Try”

  1. Yes! I love this. It’s so true… it is so easy to come up with excuses and reasons NOT to do something, because deep down we are afraid of failure, or what other people might think. They key is to train your mind to believe you can do anything you set out to do, and to dismiss the brat inside your head who tells you that you can’t. You have to believe in yourself whole heartedly, and when you learn to do that, you will become unstoppable!

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