Hand Written Notes: How to boost your Business or Re-Kindle a Relationship INSTANTLY

Hand Written Notes: How to boost your Business or Re-Kindle a Relationship INSTANTLY

Hand Written Notes: How to boost your Business or Re-Kindle a Relationship INSTANTLY


Recently – this week to be factual, I received a present in the mail from my beautiful younger cousin Amy (whom BTW just got hired by NATIONAL GEOGRAPHIC – YAY congrats girl). The bandaged brown cardboard package really didn’t seem all that significant at the time, just a nice gesture of a gift and note that she had misplaced after buying for me a while back. The card had sprinkled neon donuts on the cover, which made my tummy rumble in envy, and the present consisted of a beautiful blue agave candle (made in the U.S.A. to my surprise) along with a daily deed impact journal which I’ve already put into good use *applaud here*.

Little did she know that she was going to make my week most extraordinary. The present was beautiful and thoughtful but aside from the gift, her note on the inside of the card made the real IMPACT. It made me feel respected, honored, noticed and significant. I have read it several times now and each glance brings a smile to my face that tingles my cheeks because it lasts so long

Have you ever noticed or really thought about the actual time and effort it takes from the thought provoked and purchase of the card to the commitment to write and send it? It always seems like there are a few too many steps and if you’re like me, 50% of the cards you had good intentions of sending to a significant enough human are still in the bottom of your desk drawer.

Amy had genuinely taken the time to sit down and spend a few minutes to think about me. On top of that, she put those thoughts on a piece of paper, stamped the envelope and drove to the post box office to send it. She didn’t make excuses or pretend it got ‘lost in the mail,’ she just did the good deed and sent it when she had time.Aura Avenue Oscar Wilde Quote Acts of Kindness

Her random act of kindness has overwhelmed my heart with a desire to give others that same feeling that I had once I read the note. On the evening that I received the gift, I sat down and let my mind wander to people I wish I had written notes to over the last few years and people I hope to write to now that I have been reminded of how significant a card can be to someone. I thought about the people who deserve my time and attention but rarely see me unless in a social setting, I thought about my loved ones and my respected mentors who see me often but somehow never hear or see my gratitude, and then I thought about the people who have influenced my life but don’t even know my name. Could these people feel the same emotions that I had felt after receiving Amy’s note?

Etiquette, manners and tradition are just a few things that make handwritten notes and cards worthy of your time. It could be detrimental to gaining the respect to build a working relationship with a new boss, re-kindle a love once lost or just to simply show your gratitude to someone in need of a ‘Thank You.’ Think about all of the positive energy you will be creating and the impact that you’ll have on the people around you. Consider how your tribe — be that your family and friends, followers, co-workers, neighbors and even those you encounter but do not know– will shift as you make small appearances in lives that will create large impacts on both you and them. You don’t need gorgeous handwriting or a perfect formula/template to tell someone you care or are thankful to have them in your life. Just a pen, piece of paper and some spare change for a stamp.


Currently in your life, you may have a friend that you haven’t reached out to in a while, or a business relationship who’s flame once burnt bright now is on the verge of darkness. I believe with all of my heart that re-connecting relationships by compelling gestures or hand written notes can influence both your personal and professional life. Right now with the holiday season already upon us could be a perfect time to reflect and give some love and attention to those who deserve it. You’ll receive the satisfaction of a smile while you write and a trip to the post office while others will have emotions encrypted on their hearts and always remember the way you made them feel.

Here are a few ways to make the process fun an unique to the average note in the mail:

unnamed-31. STAMPS. Always buy more than what you need so you can’t use the excuse of running out. Buy them as FOREVER stamps – they are equal in value to the present first-class mail one-ounce rate. So if prices ever change and you have some handy it’ll be in your favor as the value is there. If you want to get all fancy you can even make your own. I found Personalized Postage options on Zazzle recently but haven’t invested in this yet. Some day.


 2. Add a SURPRISE inside. There are plenty of gift cards and other items of value but they get expensive fast. Trust me – I used to be a gift card gifter. Now I take a more creative approach. And I like to challenge myself to the game ‘what can I fit in this card’. My grandma always would put a few pieces of gum if you want a nostalgia effect. I chose recently to add air fresheners — this one from Francesca’s (OMG they have little cactus ones now!) but I’ve found similar at the 99 cent store and they have cool stickers, awesomely cheap cards and other fun little items that people would never guess are 99 CENTS!


3. COOL STATIONARY. My dear friend Lydia (who deserves at lease 100 hand written letters from me) had a weird fascination with paper. Pretty paper, heavy paper, glitter infused paper… ALL paper. I always found this a little odd until I actually started to appreciate unique cards I’ve received in the mail myself. Of course you can take the approach of using wide ruled notebook paper if you want to keep to simplicity, but I can’t help to offer some of my favorite stationary indulgences:

Papyrus – I know it’s cliche but they have really good ideas and you get 20% off when you sign up for their email list!

Etsy Market – Etsy has super cool artesian selections plus you can personalize almost anything here.

PINTEREST search STATIONARY  – I dare you to click. Pretty much every idea on the planet.

Making hand written notes a part of your routine is a sure promise to gain attention and significance in the lives of people you want to have in yours. I hope this post inspires you to take out some of those cards you’ve purchased that have piled up or maybe buy a few next time you stop in the store and write to those who deserve to see their name in ink!



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