Ten Tips to Stay Motivated.

Ten Tips to Stay Motivated.

Ten Tips to Stay Motivated.

Ten Tops to Stay Motivated:

1. Do not skip a day. We all know skipping one day is followed by two, and three, and an extra helping of that pumpkin pie. Even if you just go to stretch, GO.

2. Guard your tribe. It is no secret we are greatly effected by the environment around us. Do not let your tribe shift during this time. Spending time with those that may bring you down will greatly decrease your productivity. Guard your space and mind, while also encouraging those around you.

3. Don’t be over critical. There is being realistic, and then there is being over critical. It is easy to pick ourselves apart when the days are shorter, family is stressful and christmas extra’s start to add up. Offer yourself some grace and get to the gym to find your mental happy place.

4. Drink your water.

Try to get at least three liters of water a day. Try not to drink the water with meals, as it can reduce the stomachs natural acid to digest food. Drink before and after meals and make it a point to get it in. No matter where you live, the air is dry this time of year. Drinking your water will greatly decrease your desire for those salty fatty foods as well as keeping your hydrated.

5. Create a new playlist. We all know music is tied to our emotions. Whatever you may be going through in your life right now, there is music that can help you along. Have fun creating a new playlist and get

Some of my favorites right now:

Last resort by Papa roach

New Noise by Steve Aoki

The Way I am By Eminem

Survival by Eminem

Tearing me up by Bob Moses


6. Snack smarter

It is easy to grab a few handfuls of peanut M&M’s and be 1,000 calories in for the day. Make sure you do not go hungry and keep a nice spread of fresh fruit everywhere. Fruit is the easiest “fast food”. Try to eat alone and keep it on hand. It comes with its own wrapper and container, no excuses.

7. Pack your bag ahead of time. It is easy to blame the laundry, and time. Pack your bag for your next gym session as soon as you get home from your most recent sweat sesh. When we get home from the gym, we are usually motivated, feeling great and determined. Use that energy to fuel your next day. Refill your water bottle, pack your gym clothes, even down to the socks, and organize your gym bag. You will feel accomplished, organized and will have one less excuse.

8. Build an inspiriting tumblr or pinterest. Social media does have it’s downfalls but motivation should not be one of them. Make it a goal to build a HEALTHY inspiration board. Make sure you are cautions to fill it with healthy figures, recipes and even fashion inspiration. Take a peek at it just before gym time and you will find your motivation ignited. CAUTION: Social media can also be an unhealthy place of inspiration, so know YOUR limits, know your mind, and keep it healthy and realistic.

9. Find a new gym or class. You would be surprised what a new class can do for your muscles and your figure. Shocking your muscles with something new is one of the fastest ways to see change. The mind, also loves a new challenge. Step off the treadmill and into an uncomfortable territory, physically and mentally. I personally love boxing, spin, cycle and circuit classes. I change it up as often as possible. If I am in a super big rut I even find a whole new gym.

10. ¬†Make a to do list of five things you wish to accomplish. I mean, BIG things, and break them down to smaller “to do’s”. I’m talking big goals, goals that scare you. To accomplish big goals you have to FEEL good. You have to have proper rest and proper energy. Creating a list of things you REALLY want to accomplish will keep you accountable to your health and energy levels. Make a list of five things you wish to accomplish and break them down month by month, doing three months at a time. Once those three months are over, make a list for the next three months to ultimately get you to your goal. When you feel the urge to say NO to your health, think about your list. You have to take care of YOU.


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