Prepared & Polished EMERGENCY Kit

Prepared & Polished EMERGENCY Kit

Prepared & Polished EMERGENCY Kit

“There is always a part of my mind that is preparing for the worst, and another part of my mind that believes if I prepare enough for it, the worst won’t happen.”
Kay Redfield Jamison

Do you ever feel you need an Emergency Kit?! Our prepared and polished kit is for every Aura Ambition woman. Success is one good decision away, are you prepared?

Prepared and Polished DeoderantSmall travel deodorant: For your emergency kit, aerosol deodorant is important. You can get small cans in the travel section at most drug stores. Stick deodorant is great, but often melts in different climates. You never know when a stressful situation may arise in the middle of the day. Successful women can not cancel appointments do to lack of preparedness. Feeling fresh and comfortable is the foundation to getting tasks done, and in AURA fashion. Keep a small can of this handy, and you will thank us, we promise.

Travel Toothbrush, Toothpaste and Floss: What do you do when your client offers you a lovely glass of red wine mid business dinner, knowing you have another meeting following? You do not want to decline, and you certainly do not want to continue your day with a purple mouth, that has nothing to do with your lipstick. Having this handy will make sure you are always on point, for all business and personal ventures, and with bright white smile in tow. Your smile is one of our most important accessories, lets not have any reason not to show it off.

aura avenue Prepared and Polished A lint roller. These little magic wands are more than good for your black skirt suit. You can use these guys to freshen up your yoga pants or to cleaning out the bottom of your purse. They are small, but oh so mighty. You never know when stopping at a girlfriends house to see her new puppy can ruin your outfit, or wearing that new white sweater over your dark blouse can leave you with unfashionable fur balls.

Prepared and Polished Aura Avenue

Business Cards. This is a must. Even now in social media day and age, old fashion business cards are important and are a reflection of your professionalism. If you do not already have some, you have NO excuse as vista prints offers affordable deals with easy to complete pre-designed templates. When you embody an AURA AMBITION woman, you are always networking, completing that new relationship with means to keep in contact is important. We suggest at least five in your wallet, five in your car and five in your gym bag.

Prepared and Polished blackcamisoleBlack Camisole. Sometimes, being a busy woman can leave you driving all over and your day extremely jam packed. Sometimes it may leave you with that latte down the front of your blouse, or a last minute audition or an unexpected meeting. Having a black camisal in your AURA EMERGENCY kit will save you time and time again. Black goes with everything and can be an under garmet at the gym or paired with a large statement necklace, nice jeans and pumps for a last minute evening look. You can roll this up for easy storage in your emergency kit. Roll it up and tie it with a hair ban, you are set.


Prepared and Polished babypowderTravel size baby powder.  Life happens, and the more complex your schedule is, the more opportunities you have for things to go not as planned. Having a travel size baby powder can be your saving grace when it comes to freshening up your hair or figure. With a small powdering of this in your roots, you are sure to look fresh and polished, as apposed to looking as though you may have not showered in a few days, or came directly from the gym. Either of those scenarios may be true, but no one needs to know. In your AURA kit, you will be prepared and have free flowing locks like you just came from the salon, not the treadmill.

Prepared and Polished Blush

Concealer, Chapstick, and Blush: When assembling a kit, it is best to complete it with these three make up must. You never know when that quick errand to the store turns into several errands that bump into your afternoon meeting. Again, at AURA staying on task and commited to your word is key, so being prepared to complete your day is important. Having concealer, chapstick and a blush stick is a must. Blush sticks are important as they are less likely to break and most come with the brush intact. These are all relatively small and will fit into your kit and will make you look put together and polished in less than 15 minutes time. We suggest purchasing affordable brands, but ones that are neutral and will blend with any seasoned skin tone.

Do you have last minute tips and tricks? We want to hear from you!

Ivy Carnegie


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