AURA AVENUE: Healthy Tips and Tricks

AURA AVENUE: Healthy Tips and Tricks

AURA AVENUE: Healthy Tips and Tricks


How do you start your day:

Chelse: My morning starts at 7am with a shower while water boils for my french press. When I am following good habits I will have a glass of hot water with lemon and cayenne pepper before breakfast and coffee. Breakfast is a MUST for me. I usually have an everything bagel with cream cheese and three eggs.

Ivy: I start everyday with a liter of water. I then follow it with a cup of organic black coffee.You are usually dehydrated in the morning so water first is key for me. I love my coffee and I love my morning routine.

AURA TIP: Set your coffee pot timer, Even on cold mornings the smell of coffee gets me up.

On the go snacks:

Chelse: I am a bad snacker. I wish I was better! If I bring snacks it’s usually a trail mix of some sort and apple cider vinegar in my water to keep my energy up without loosing my appetite for dinner by a binge drive-through burger.

Ivy: I absolutely love fresh fruit. I always have a banana and an apple in my purse, gym bag and car. I stick by the “fresh is best model”.

AURA TIP: Bringing your own healthy snacks will always keep you on track when healthy options are not available

When your craving craving sweets:

Chelse: I eat them. Haha. I have the biggest sweet tooth so this one is the hardest for me. I eat a lot of dark chocolate and always try to bake my own treats with quality ingredients. For me it’s all about moderation. If I’m having a crazy craving I will eat some walnuts with chocolate chips or a spoon full of honey and peanut butter. I never need a full candy bar or more than one scoop of ice cream to satisfy my need.

Ivy: I love baking at home and often make up recipes that satisfy me and still make me feel good about my choices. My favorite right now is anything with chickpeas. I have been making so many chickpea chocolate chip cookies at home. They have no butter, no oil, no sugar and no gluten. I absolutely love them.

When dinning out, what do you order to stay on track?

Chelse: Sticking to restaurants that are true to their culture’s cuisine is important to me. My boyfriend and I love authentic Thai, Vietnamese and Sushi restaurants. They tend to stick to the real ingredients that are healthy and satisfying without tons of bread or sodium. Balance (as Ivy states below) is definitely key. If you always eat Italian or Mexican cuisine, you will notice yourself groggy, bloated or slow the next day… especially if it comes from a chain restaurant!

Ivy: I usually stick with salads and meat but I never deprive myself. If I want a burger and french fries, I will certainly grab those. Balance is key.

When you don’t feel your best?:

Chelse: Getting outdoors and breathing fresh air is a great way to energize your body or mind when feeling sick or in a slump. I love adding apple cider vinegar to my water every afternoon for a natural pick me up. I also love when my boyfriend comes home from work for lunch and makes me a big kale, beet and fruit smoothie! Don’t forget the honey 😉

Ivy: I love water and do my best to drink at least 2 liters of water a day. When I’m not feeling my best or my diet maybe wasn’t perfect the day before I will add in as much raw fruits and veggies as possible to re-hydrate and cleanse my body. I almost always feel better after one day of juice and fresh fruit. I swear chugging 32oz of vegetable juice does magical powers to how I feel.



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