Calories, the good, the bad, the ugly. How

Calories, the good, the bad, the ugly. How

Calories, the good, the bad, the ugly. How

How many calories do you need?


Calories in, calories out, burn calories, but not too many. Create a deficit but not too little. It is enough you make you go crazy. We broke it down with The Haute Room on just what you need, when, and how much.

Caloric needs are based on the amount of calories burned,  aka ENERGY. Thinking of a calorie as a unit of ENERGY is a much better way to sanely think of a calorie.

The average woman needs about 2000 calories a day. PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE EMPHASIZE ABOUT, or do not even think about it at all, like, forget that we even said it. Pretend we said it as a joke. It is ridiculous. Scientifically speaking maybe, but there is so much more to this number.

The real importance here is how much do you actually move and how much energy or ( calories) do you need or do you need to burn through to make sure you are not storing fat.

Just like a car, you fill the tank, burn through it and refill it. You all know if you over fill the tank it spills out onto your car, your shoes and the parking lot. This is essentially your muffin top.  To much, with no place to go = spillage. 

Learning to aim for a 2000 a day for weight loss is a great place to start. This will help you learn how your body responds and what to aim for. Again, NOT everyone needs the same amount of calories. Not everyone burns the same amount of calories. Do what is right for you.

Most women are currently over-eating their calories. A good way to watch what and how much you are eating is to remember to pair your proteins, fat and carbohydrates. Here at aura, we believe in a vegetable heavy diet accompanied with small amounts of protein.

If you focus on vegetables first, protein second, and limit or reduce your processed fats and oils, you can easily keep your calories down and more importantly your hunger by keeping your nutrient density high. This will not only ensure you are getting incredible nourishment to your body, but allow the body to respond by releasing those stored toxins and fats.

As a reminder, PLEASE remember to LOVE your body first. Remember to focus on NUTRIENTS and NOT CALORIES. Focus on eating EARTH to mouth and not the scale. Focus on eating to FEEL vibrant and energized to do all you love. THAT will result in seeing yourself differently in the mirror. Health is important, and it starts with the fuel we are putting in, MIND and BODY and SOUL.

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