Fitness On-the-Go : How to get you there in minutes

Fitness On-the-Go : How to get you there in minutes

Fitness On-the-Go : How to get you there in minutes

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Whether you are in an open field or a cramped hotel room, you truly can exercise anywhere, anytime, with any wardrobe. I’ve been known to find the quiet corners of airports to stretch and do yoga, to use the staircase without the need of emergencies, and to train myself to do everything from calve raises while standing in line at registers, tummy rolls while driving my car and kegels while sitting at my desk (okay okay… TMI lol). All I’m trying to say is exercise doesn’t need to be a 2 hour back breaking routine to get you results.

These exercises are a few that I keep on hand during my wanderings to keep me in shape while away from my home routine or the gym. In no way am I an expert! Just someone who appreciates a round booty and a good night’s sleep! There’s no mathematical equation in regards to how many days a week or how many hours per workout are needed to stay fit. My true belief is moderation is key, and staying fit includes more than weight lifting and a treadmill.

Chelse’s current On-the-Go Training Regimen:Aura Avenue Fitness on the Go blog post Chelse K Dani H

  1. Squats x20 – Hate to love them. Love to hate them. If you want to involve almost every muscle group of the body these are what you are looking for. Stand with feet in a solid stance just outside of your hip’s width. Put your hands out in front of you, they can be clasped together or palms facing down with arms parallel to the ground. Squat with your knees over your toes and bend so your thighs and buttocks resist until thighs are parallel to the your feet (in a sitting position). Exhale on the way back to your standing stance with a slow return and remember to squeeze your bum! *Try to do a few while balancing on your balls of your feet for an extra challenge! I do them in the shower while washing my hair.
  2. Planks 60 seconds 2x – They work your core and tone your arms, giving them a run for their money when weights aren’t around. Make sure to keep a flat back and keep your breathing steady.Fitness on the Go blog post Aura Avenue Planks
  3. Fire hydrant and donkey kicks 20x each leg – Get on all fours with arms and thighs parallel to one another (under shoulders and under hips). Keep your knee bent and lift your leg out to the side to a 90 degree angle (a little imagery here is a dog doing its business – if you didn’t already get why they call it a fire hydrant move lol). Try to stay in a flat-back position and use your abs to help with the lift. For the donkey kick, do the same position but the movement instead of out to the side goes straight back with your thigh being at a 90 degree angle again. *Stay in control, end strong and kick that leg up higher with each lift!
  4. Warrior Lunge Twists 5x each leg – You’d be surprised but this yoga pose will flatten your tummy and help your posture. Lunge forward so your knee gets into a 90 degree bend with your thigh parallel to the ground and your back leg is straight with foot tilted outward from your body. Take hands into prayer and twist over whichever leg is in front, gently resting your bottom elbow on the outside of the knee. While engaging your abs (think of elongating your back), look over your top shoulder and hold for 8-10 deep breaths. Slowly disengage, exhale on the way up and keep your back straight. Warrior lunges with Aura Avenue Fitness on the Go blog post
  5. Mountain climbers 20x each leg – These are great for your heart and cordiovascular system as well as muscle endurance. Assume a push up position with hands under your chest and arms straight. Bend your leg at the knee and lift all the way to your chest on the inside of your arm span. If you are new to this move start off slowly with good form and gradually work your way up to a strong steady pace.
  6. Stretching 5 minutes – Breathing is more important than the range of motion to keep the blood flowing while you cool down. I like to sit or lay down while stretching but make sure you do what is most comfortable for your body. Each stretch should be held for 30 seconds. *I try to bring a tennis ball with me on my carry on and even stowed in my car. I can use this during flights or long drives if I start to get tight, at my hotel room on my feet after long hours of standing or to help my stretching after working out. I owe many good nights of rest to whomever invented the tennis ball.

Aura Avenue Fitness on the Go Blog Chelse & Dani


*complete this routine 3x through when time and locations permit

*when you don’t have enough room to one or another exercise, improvise – the trick is to keep on moving

*wear sunscreen while exercising outdoors

*always know your body and its limits

There you have it! All of these moves will be habit forming and easy to do anywhere life may take you.



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