Fix belly bloating fast.

Fix belly bloating fast.

Fix belly bloating fast.

Three causes of belly bloat. Are these three things causing you issues?

Food Intolerances:
If you have food intolerances, you are no stranger to belly bloating. Food intolerances are the number ONE cause of stomach bloating. Unsuspecting foods may also be triggering additional inflammation, if your G.I. tract is currently inflammed. Once the inflammation is tamed, trigger foods can slowly be reintroduced into your diet. We promise, it may not be adios to bagels forever.

Aura tip: remove all suspects until your tummy is calm for at least three months. Slowly add in one suspected food at a time, by itself and see how your system reacts. 
Antibiotics and poor gut health: Whether you realize it or not, we ingest antibiotics through our diet even without our knowledge. In additional, if you have ever had even one round of antibiotics you are at high risk of bad bacteria overgrowth.

Aura tip: Start a regular probitic regimen. Please note, probiotics can cause additional gas in the beginning stages as they are killing off the bad bacteria. Stay strong, my beauties abs are on their way. 

Poor food combining: Have you ever ate watermelon after a chicken dinner and immediately had discomfort and burping? This is poor food combining. Fruit, Vegetables, Grains, Meat and Dairy in that order. It is recommended not to pair fruit with fats, or proteins and certainly not one after the other. When we do this, it creates fermentation and we start brewing in our 98.6 degree bodies. For optimal digestion, try to only eat fruit on an empty stomach and by itself, while also watching the pair of fats and carbohydrates.


Aura Tip: Check out the link before for a more detailed way to avoid belly bloating.

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