Aura Girl Gym Bag Essentials

Aura Girl Gym Bag Essentials

Aura Girl Gym Bag Essentials



  1. A L K A L I N E W A T E R // a MUST. This keeps the body hydrated faster than any other liquid. It balances the bodies PH. Alkaline water is known to boost healthy G. I . gut health, reduce inflammation and pain and hydrate skin, reducing wrinkles.
  2. C H A P S T I C K. We LOVE anything coconut anything. Natural is best, and stay away from weird flavors, weird flavors usually means CHEMICALS. Say goodbye to THOSE.


3. ANKLE/WRIST WEIGHTS. These are amazing. They should always be in your bag. They can be worn simply walking on the stair step, or on the floor doing different leg lifts for toning and defining. Options are always great, keeping things interesting so you will continue, even better. Natural

4. D E O D O R A N T Now you never know what might come up, where you will be coming from or where you are headed. You do know, life gets busy. We KNOW we want to sweat with no excuses. We are huge fans of Primal Pit Paste. Yes, I said that.

5. Juice, OR  a post workout snack. Now, we LOVE raw juice, but a access to a refrigerator is not always an option. Juice or raw when possible, something else healthy when practical like THINK THIN BARS or a natural Turkey Jerkey.

6. Jump Ropes! Victoria’s Secret Models’ best kept secret! All of the girls jump rope at daily for at least a full month before the Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show. Easy to take out wherever you are and get some jumping in.




Ivy C

Photo: Alvaro Quiala 

Styled & HMUA: Aura Avenue

Models: Ivy Carnegie & Dani H
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Chelse K

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