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There is SO much I want to do in life. I want to eat at every 5-star restaurant in the world, sight see in every city, meet strangers in random places, go for hikes and hang photos of every beautiful view I come by. I need to be at every birthday, see every relative over the holidays, make it to every party… the list goes on and on as you can imagine. I came to the harsh realization over the last few months that I suffer from FOMO (Fear Of Missing Out) and it is destroying my happiness in the present moment. Don’t get me wrong, I love my life and I am so lucky to have everything and everyone in it, it’s just I wish I could do more/have more/be more.

Does that make sense?

The trouble is I have spent most of 2016 concentrating on trying to squeeze in what I can’t fit into my schedule rather than what is already on my plate. I take car rides with loved ones and don’t even look up or say a word until I realize we are already to our destination and the guilt of my distractions crashes like a wave on top of me.

As life keeps rushing by I wonder how I am ever going to keep up with all that I “need” to do. I am so far from a balanced life that sometimes it feels I am almost lost in a drift out at sea swimming against the current. In the chaos of the moment I forget all that I care about or deem priority in my life.

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I recently came across an Instagram post by our friend HoliFitGirl (nutritionist and fitness/life coach Lauren McBride) talking about JOMO and it has really given me a new perspective. It was one of those ‘Ah-ha’ moments in a minute or two of alone time that made me come to my senses. I realized I am in need of a huge dose of JOMO every morning and night.

“Joy Of Missing Out” means living with gratitude for all of the good things and time well spent in life.

JOMO is an intentional mindset to attract stability and balance in life rather than be plagued by stress and a schedule which makes us feel absent as we rush through days, months, even years. JOMO gives reason to our boundaries and staying on our own paths rather than saying yes to everyone/everything and going off course.

JOMO makes sure we don’t miss out on our own lives.

Aura Avenue Chelse K JOMO Blog Post
The world is getting smaller and interactions faster as technology connects us all, but reality is there are still only 24 hours in a day. Filling up precious hours of the day surfing the web and living on Instagram or other social network sites leaves us stressed and unfulfilled. There is so much more out there that we should be enjoying and intentionally making a part of our lives. I’ve decided to write this post to keep my JOMO an intentional thought through the rest of 2016. That way you all can hold me accountable if you see me wandering through days unintentionally! There are three things I want to do to make JOMO a real part of my daily life.

  • Discern between my Passions & Priorities vs FOMO engagements. Once I decipher one from the other I can stick to the passions and priorities and lay out my schedule according to their purposes. This will help to make sure I don’t fill my calendar with unfulfilling moments over the ones that really matter.
  • Know when to say “no” or “next time.” The power of NO is so real! Setting this boundary will help to not feel guilt or feel desire for more.
  • Live a real, authentic, true life. This means being myself around friends and family, and be happy for others always. Living in envy thinking the grass could be greener on the other side is such a false truth! Life is occurring now – I want to be present and make the most of it with what I have rather than what I want!

Chelse K model festival fashion JOMO Aura AvenueI already feel a burden lifted off of my shoulders after intentionally writing JOMO principles to keep me in line. I recommend writing down your own goals to keep JOMO a part of your life and living it to its fullest! If you need a little more encouragement or ideas on ways to take your FOMO to JOMO – check out this one-week prescription of DO’s to add to your routine that will refresh and renew your mindset by Mind Body Green.

Chelse K Happiness JOMO Aura AvenueHere’s to pressing reset on your mindset for happiness, health and abundance!

Keep on keeping on 🙂

Chelse K

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Chelse K

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