Secret to Happiness- Top 3 priorities

Secret to Happiness- Top 3 priorities

Secret to Happiness- Top 3 priorities



Some of the most successful people are still unhappy. We hear about it all the time in the news.  This celebrity committed suicide, this top CEO drank himself to death, etc.

It is hard to grasp that these people with such seemingly exquisite lives are not “happy”.  

Something I have learned and passed along to those closes to me is figuring out your TOP THREE PRIORITIES. Now, these will change through seasons and that is ok. For example, during college years, one of mine was indeed school, or if your starting a family maybe that is your health, or schedule.

Every decision that comes at you, good or bad, should align with these principles and honoring your top three priorites. You want them staying the in their much earned position. For example, If your top three priorites are 1. your health. 2. your career 3. your family, taking a second job in the evenings to save money ( which money is not one of your top three) you will be tired, be taking energy away from your actual career and leaving little time for your family. Although, saving money sounds like a great idea, this will only drown your top three priorities and drain your happy tank.

YOU ARE NOT DOING ANYONE A FAVOR BY SAYING YES TO THINGS YOU DO NOT 100% MENTALLY SHOW UP FOR. BE ALL THERE OR SAY NO. Those that love you will respect you for honoring those, and those that you love will benefit from a happy, fullfilled you.

Seems like a great idea, and those that love you might encourage you to say YES to such a situation, but it may not be the ” happy” scenerio that works for your recipe of life.

AURA suggest:

Find your current top these priorities (there is no rules, just be honest with yourself)

Start honoring those, and everything decision you make whether it is schedule related or pocket book related, focus on those. You will NEVER regret honoring those top three things in your life. You will regret honoring those things not most important to you.


Ivy Carnegie


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