Self confidence is a liar. Have you been lied to?

Self confidence is a liar. Have you been lied to?

Self confidence is a liar.

Self confidence is a liar. Have you been lied to?

In a social media world where editing apps and “likes” run the our minds, it is no wonder so many women are resorting to plastic surgery, eating disorders and have depression. We are told by being more self confident, our lives will be better, fuller, shinier and brighter. They literally create filters for that. The you can’t sit with us phenomenon is no longer just at the school lunch table. It is in our face everyday, all day.

Now, in 2016 we want everything immediately. We expect everything, now. This includes but is not limited to our appearance, gratification, and the rise and fall of the “self worth meter”.

For years companies poured their money into magazines and televisions ads, knowing our insecurities and our purchase patterns would follow. They HOPE we feel insecure, and NEED their product. In 2016, they do not have to wait for our trip to the grocery store anymore, or the click of a remote. The access to our purchase influence is in our hands, everyday, all day.

The “self confidence” lie is in all of our faces with a swipe and entering a single four digit passcode. Girls spend hours on their phones re-posting and screen shotting “inspiration” in hopes they find that one thing or product that will be a game changer. The lies that begin to spin in our heads is what lead so many to a dead end road. Here are three lies we want to shed some light on.

1. Buying said product, WILL make me prettier. This may be true, but the real question is,”What is beauty?” Why does the idea of beauty make us self-confident? Why do we allow a product to dictate our self-worth and value? Who said they get to decide what is “pretty”? This is a bold faced LIE. The continued hunt and search of this will only leave you out of breathe and still searching, and with less money in the bank.
2. A relationship will make me more confident. If you do not feel beautiful on your own you have absolutely NO business dumping that responsibility onto a partner. How dare we as women make them carry that burden of constantly feeding our ego. Why do we expect others to treat us better than we treat ourselves? Someone else does not make you WHOLE, YOU MAKE YOU WHOLE. Wholeness is where that pretty one lives.
3. If I lose weight, I will be valuable. We have been fed this lie(no pun intended) by the diet and fitness industry as well as the fashion industry. We are attracted to the life we THINK being thinner will bring. YOU ARE LOVED THE SAME exactly where you ARE right now. The sooner you learn that, the sooner your sweet bodies natural weight will fall into place. Eating healthy is the surest form of self respect. The scale and pant size does not dictate your value.

We are encouraging you all to stand up, and stand firm in who YOU are. You are the only YOU right where you are, right now. That is beautiful.

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