Selfishness vs Self Care

Selfishness vs Self Care

Selfishness vs Self Care

Selfishness vs Self care



For whatever reason, our society has put boundaries, and an implied guilt on self care being selfishness. Although self care can be a grey area, and can sometimes morph into laziness if we are not careful, it is not selfish. “Love thy neighbor as yourself,” right? …. Most of us are not loving ourselves through body respecting nutrition, proper rest and just some relaxation. It is expected you will be short fuzed, cranky, absent minded and tired without properly addressed priorities. It is no wonder, we do not LOVE on people very well, in that state of being.To remain consistent givers, we must first, replenish the supply. When was your last intentional (phone free) self care day off?

It is so important Aura Avenue Ivy Carnegiefor our generation of 20 somethings to set the standard of what it means to take a social media “time out” and focus on ourselves. It is up to our generation, who grew up in the birth of social media to set the standard and take back our sanity. We deserve to disconnect, we deserve that intentional time with ourselves. I am encouraging all of you, to let go, disconnect and focus on YOU. Not everyone around you will understand, and that is ok. Be ready, to welcome the nonacceptance from others in that. It is self care, not others care, so it is up to you what that looks like, and not everyone will understand it. That is ok.


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