Gifting can be stressful, and the pressure can cause for meaningless gifts. Let us help you gift the Aura way.

AURA AVENUE GIFT GUIDE Portable Phone ChargerPortable Iphone Charger: Here at AURA, we know what it is like running your life, family and business from your handheld manager, your phone. From grocery list,business to do’s, emails and projects, your battery can’t keep up with you. This gift is afforable and practical for just about anyone from grandma to a “tween”. We found the best deal HERE.

Hot Rollers Hair inspo via Aura AvenueOld Fashion Hot Rollers:
These are such a lost art. The very first working woman’s secret tool. These are great for ALL types of hair, short, curly, naturally straight, unhealthy, and so on. There really is no brand specific that we love, we just love them. The Beauty Department put together a nice list of roller favorites so take a look if this is something you or a friend may need!

A Beautiful House Robe: Most women do not own a beautiful robe that makes them feel pretty, even at home lounging around. A robe is something you will wear and most likely cherish after years of your most intimate, raw moments in them. I cannot tell you how much “life” has happened while in my robe.


I swear some of the most life altering phone calls and heart breaking moments have been in my robe. On the contrary, some of the happiest moments, also occurred while in my favorite at home lounge wear. I had no idea when purchasing this seemingly unimportant wardrobe piece, I had no idea the relationship I would then have with it. You can find an inexpensive robe pretty much any
where, leaving this idea open for any gift buying budget.

Personalize it by printing their name on the front or back. You can also get matching husband and wife robes for your newly married friends or something on the more feminine side for that girlfriend who just had a new baby.

Essential Oils:  The AURA AVENUE GIFT GUIDE Beauty Bagendless uses for essential oils is still being discovered. From mental clairty and calmness, to skin healthing, stress relieving, and pain curing magic. This gift has so many possibilities for many healthy years to come.

Amp up this gift with a handy carrying case for their oils(a mini cosmetic bag works great) or a diffuser for their home or office. If you are feeling extra DIY savvy follow our Heavenly Scents post on how to make your own natural oil fragrances!!!

AURA AVENUE GIFT GUIDE Aromatherapy CandlesStress Reducing Candles: 
Our favorite is bath and body works Eucalyptus Spearmint. Its unisex sent is so calming. Lets me honest, the holidays is not always a breeze as we mentioned in our MORE JOY LESS STRESS blog. Anything that will help reduce stress is a thoughtful gift. This particular scent is also a majority rule for all times of the year, not just the holidays.

AURA AVENUE GIFT GUIDE Shangrila JewelryA sentimental piece of jewelry: Not exactly the “he went to Jared” commercial type, but something that has meaning. Anything personalized is always a great option. A great idea is a special date to that person, imprinted on a bracelet or pendant. We love anything and everything by Karen of theshangrila.

Her jewelry line is inspired by her love for dance. Her pieces are all complimentary to the curves of a womans figure. Incredibly elegant and thought-out designs. You can find her pieces HERE.

AURA AVENUE GIFT GUIDE Biodara SkincareOrganic, Chemical Free Beauty Products: Most women have not explored this important area of their health food store. Turning them on to a product you love, while educating them also is a win, win. The majority of these chemical free products are also local, women owned, small businesses. You will be supporting more than her largest organ.

Our favorite, is BIODARA. This is an organic product junkie favorite.You can find more information on it on our BLOG POST.

Alp n Rock Yoga Wear via Aura Avenue Gift Guide 2015

Luxury that gives back: Alp-n-Rock is a hand-crafted Sport-Fashion brand rooted in the belief that the greatest luxury is the ability to give back. Adorned with edelweiss, western style horseshoes, snowflakes and detailed feminine touches, each artisanal piece tells a story. Alp-n-Rock was created as a vehicle to raise funds for philanthropic endeavors. They donate 10% of profits to Room to Read to fund girls’ scholarships in developing countries around the world, giving girls the lifelong gift of education. Chelse is a brand ambassador and recommends the yoga wear! You can use her code INSTACHELSE20 to get an extra 20% off too! Find all of the Alp-n-Rock looks HERE.

Drinkbar Juice Cleanse Aura Avenue Gift GuideNourish The Soul: A Drinkbar Juicery cleanse is the perfect way to share your love for health and happiness this season! With a variety of cleanses to choose from, including Model Mode (our current favorite) and The Men’s Cleanse, there is a perfect fit for everyone on your list! All of the juices at Drinkbar are non-HPP, organic, locally sourced, small batch – hand crafted and cold pressed daily to guarantee freshness. So much love an passion goes into ever single bottle. It’s no secret that this is a way of life and the way to holistic healing for the body.

We hope these ideas inspire you to share love, generosity and the Christmas Spirit this season!


Chelse K & Ivy C

Ivy C & Chelse K Aura Avenue Christmas Photo

All photo credits go to the brands that are showcased.

Chelse & Ivy Photo by Imagei Studios

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