5 Aura Beach Season Must Haves.

5 Aura Beach Season Must Haves.

5 Aura Beach Season Must Haves.

Here in Southern California, Chelse and I are no stranger to the beach. We do everything in our power to spend time together, at the beach. It is beautiful, it is mentally clarifying and we do not take for granted that we live in SoCal. Here is our list of 7 beach season must haves.

1. T H E   B E A C H  P E O P L E 

the beach people aura avenue

We know you have seen these stunning, stylish, ‘to die for’ beach towel meets blankets. These two women, started this company and it has taken off in the virtual world. They have made every beach goer stylish, from the mom of two, to the 17 year old teenie bopper.

beach people aura

2. Nohono Coconut Oil Products

nohona coconut oil aura avenue

100% ORGANIC and safe for women, children and our men. Great for sunburns, or if you are trying to enhance your beach glow. We love this product as it makes our skin silky smooth without toxic chemicals and fragrances. Skip the toxic tanning oils and grab this natural, tropical smelling organic solution.

3. Vintage Levi shorts

vintage levis aura avenue

EVERY beach babe needs her cutoff shorts. We personally love our vintage levis. From the dark to light wash, we will wear them all. Chelse is tall and lean and Ivy is short with muscle tone. It doesn’t matter your size or shape, vintage levis look great on all beach babes.Curves or no curves.

vintage levis aura avenue


the beach people aura avenue

Do we have to explain this one? Is this bag not to die for? It matches any and all beach attire. It dries fast if it happens to get wet and is sturdy enough to handle even the most exciting of beach trips with snacks, kids toys or mom’s wine included.

5. Bettinis Swimwear

Aura Avenue Bettini swim

Who doesn’t love a nice bikini booty? Anything from cut to color to help us be more confident is a plus. Bettinis Swimwear is complimentary to our different feminine shapes. Their adorable rounded hinnie enhancing suits are affordable and are a 2016 beach babe must have!

bettini swimwear

bettini swimwear aura avenue

             6. Your Aura Mate


Your lay out buddy. Your companion. Your sunbathing, sun goddess, beach loving besty.

Summer is short, even when you live in a tropical place. Enjoy, embrace it. Beach it, aura style. Featured bikini in photo above. Dazey Bikini co.

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