Fall Fashion 2016 Aura Avenues Picks

Fall Fashion 2016 Aura Avenues Picks

Fall Fashion 2015

Fall Fashion 2016 Aura Avenues Picks

Fall is here. Fall fashion is also here! Let us tell you our favorites.

1. Naughty Monkey Boots
This stunning brand currently has so many fall looks that are easily paired
with black and brown looks. No more “rule” following with their new boots.

2. HBL Hair Care
Toxic chemicals be-gone! This natural, gentle hair care has become our favorite after using it all summer long. It is gentle but effective.

3. Leather Gold Purse Need we say more? Use this gold clutch as a make up bag, gym accesorie bag or even for a simple pop to an outfit for an evening outfit.

4. Marble Nude Colored phone case Marble is the IN thing. We don’t have to tell you this, We love this case!

5. NYX Lip Stain Matte All things matte. Wild, bold colors are still in, but we still love simplicity that isnt’ aging when it doesn’t need to be.

6. Wabi Sabi Botanicals We are obsessed with all things natural. Wabi Sabi Botanicals is at the top of their game.


Disclaimer: None of the products featured here have been sponsored or paid for showcasing them. These are products Ivy and Chelse use and love.

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