Kitchen Hacks: Teaching you SECRETS the pros use

Kitchen Hacks: Teaching you SECRETS the pros use

Kitchen Hacks: Teaching you SECRETS the pros use

12 Kitchen HACKS you never knew.

Genius ways to save time & effort. Become the kitchen guru you’ve always wanted to be. Start your own foodie blog. Enter some contests. Hey, maybe you’ll even teach your mom something new! Impressive will be an understatement.

frozen-grapes-kitchen-hacksFrozen grapes: These will keep your water, wine or spritzers cold while making them taste great and without watering them down! They also serve as a great snack or sweet any time you have a mid-day craving.


good-egg-vs-bad-egg-kitchen-hacksEgg expiration dates: I’ve been using this trick for years but sharing is caring! If you don’t know how old your eggs are – fill up a tall glass of water that you can see through. Then place your egg(s) in it one at a time. If it stays at the bottom, eat it, if it floats to the top, trash it. If it is at the bottom but standing up on end… well, the choice is yours. Know your tummy and what you are willing to eat via your own body’s needs/reactions.


anti-wilting-hackWilting:  Keep your leafy greens from wilting a week longer than usual. I hate seeing my greens go to waste so I try my best to do this as soon as my first use. Clean leaves. Once excess water has drained, store the leaves in a clean kitchen towel or cloth bag, then place in plastic container to keep from wilting. Keep in your high humidity leveled refrigerator drawer. All things that wilt should go in your high humidity drawer!

salt-in-pan-hackSplatter: My hubby is the BEST cook in the entire world. I will put money on that. But he is also so so messy. And always after I deep clean the kitchen lol. But apparently, if you sprinkle salt into the frying pan before adding oil the splatter will be much less significant. That way you can spend more time enjoying your meals than cleaning up after them.

steam-boil-eggs-hackSteam vs Boil Eggs: I always am testing out new ways to make it easier to peel egg shells. The shells slip right off when you steam up to a dozen eggs suspended over boiling water for 15-16 minutes. Egg salad sandwiches are making a comeback after this hack! Don’t forget to buy farm fresh eggs.

powdersugarhackPowdered Sugar: The one thing you tend to forget that sneaks into recipes is missing in your pantry but have no fear! Pulverize granulated sugar in a spice grinder and vouala! Ps coffee grinders work to powderize mostly anything too 😉 i.e. garlic, herbs, nuts.

freshfishhackFishy Taste: I love fish but literally will gag the second I get a fishy bite. I can’t believe I’ve never heard of this but to thaw fish or get rid of any fishy taste you can thaw/soak fillets in buttermilk or milk. It both takes away that unappealing taste and acts as a tenderizer. Fish will now be added back to my diet thanks to this kitchen hack!

tearicehackEnhance your Grains: Tired of the same old rice? Add a little extra by cooking quinoa, white or brown rice or millet in tea infused water. Simply add a couple bags of chai, robust earl grey or black teas and you’ll be amazed at the difference. Your dinner guests will beg for the secrets. You can just tell them to look up Aura Avenue 😉

aurawinehackWine Cubes: I always run into the problem of wanting a nice glass of wine but never being able to finish the bottle. Okay, that is a lie – I could totally finish a bottle of nice wine in a couple of nights. But keeping health in check, I realistically only want to drink one glass. So if my hubby isn’t around to share, most bottles go with the last half being poured down the drain in fear that it’s gone bad. Instead of wasting it, why not make wine cubes? Use your ice tray to keep the remaining wine from going bad. You can then use these in your wine reductions and recipes. No one will judge you if you eat it as a popsicle too. Kitchen hacks rule 1: no judging!


Bad Bananas: It’s always when you need bad bananas they are nowhere to be found! There are two ways to ripen fruit that I’ve tested out. 1- you can place them in a brown bag and they will be ready by tomorrow. 2- if you want them fast, place them on a cookie sheet in the oven and check them every 10 mins until dark brown.

aurawafflehackCinnamon Rolls in the Waffle Iron: The first time I tried this I about when to heaven. I am a sucker for sweets but never make cinnamon rolls because they take forever to bake and I am just not that patient in the morning. Sticking a cinnamon roll in the waffle maker literally gets golden just as fast as the waffle mix would and tastes AMAZING as it’s perfectly crispy instead of having a gooey middle that you eat around because you take them out of the oven too early! Oh, try your hash browns this way too (you are welcome).appleslicerhack


AppleCutter: This $5 product will literally make your cooking life so much easier! I have one yet hardly ever used it until now. It has cut my meal prep time in half. Cut sweet potato fries, zucchini sticks, tomatoes, peaches, cucumber etc. Make your life easier and invest in one ASAP.



Look at you Rachel Ray! Nothing’s stopping you now, get to cooking with your new kitchen hack secrets 🙂 find more here:



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