What defines a power couple, relationship goals or couple envy? There is a new social advancement that has even put ‘power couple’ as a new two-word phrase in the dictionary.

Pow·er Cou·ple
noun: power couple; plural noun: power couples
  1. a couple consisting of two people who are each influential or successful in their own right.
    “the world’s biggest power couple finally got married”

We think that’s cool and all but to Aura, a power couple doesn’t always involve a power-career or success by dollar bills in the bank. It’s not about a gucci suit, the size of the diamond ring or a porche in the garage. So we made up our own definition.

Aura’s Power Couple: Two ambitious people who push each other towards success and are unconditionally in love.

It’s hard to find but we believe it exists. So don’t let the phony attention-seeking couples who claim to be ‘power couples’ fool you. Don’t make a condition for him to need to drive a nice car when his jeep is paid for. Let me tell you, if they are driving anything above an M6 they got a lease girlfriend. There’s more to a power couple than fame and fortune. A lot of your favorite instagram couples are smoke and mirrors too. Humility and an undying love for one another with commitment to growing a legacy beyond cultures success status is what defines true #relationshipgoals.

Below are a few who duets who share the spotlight with a ‘power couple’ status that do it right! Keep this in mind while growing with your partner and finding love! Happy Valentines Day ps 😉

ROSIE & JASON: Dating the past six years, Rosie Huntington-Whiteley and Jason Stathom are engaged and Rosie says he is one of the greatest influences in her life. Rosie 29 and Jason 49 are expecting a baby this year and she is ready to balance life as a mother and wife first, super-model second. Jason has been my celeb crush forever, and the fact that he is okay with being shorter than Rosie when she wears heels makes me forever in love with this couple. They are very private with their life even though their fans beg for more and I commend them for this.

FAITH & TIM: This couple has stood the test of time! Married for almost 20 years, they have three gorgeous teen daughters and live a modest (if possible) life in Nashville, TN. Their music tells tales of both love and heart break but nothing seems to shake this beautiful couple who is a testimony to true love. Their Soul to Soul tour starts in April. OMG.

IVANKA  & JARED: Ivanka is a true powerhouse raising three children, running her fashion brand as well as managing the Trump Organization. She now is transitioning into a life in D.C. and supports both her father, President Trump and husband Jared Kushner as he’s been sworn in as Trump’s Senior Advisor.

KARLIE KLOSS & JOSH KUSHNER: Amidst all of the political adversary (wish Josh as younger brother to Jared Kushner – see above), this couple somehow still flies under the radar with class and does not seem to let the punches from the media get in the way.

NICOLE & KIETH: Married for 10 years now, this couple has been through a lot and Keith Urban, country superstar, testifies that Nicole save him from a drug and alcohol addiction. Both are believers in a higher power that saved their marriage and they are bonded by love which is the ultimate goal for all of us.

MICHELLE & BARAK: A timeless love story. It was beautiful to watch this couple grow as the nations president and leader for the past 8 years. No matter what side you were on, we all can admit we loved photos of their family, the dog, the dances at galas, and the laughs and memories they shared with the white house.

BLAKE & RYAN: This couple makes it look effortless. Blake Lively and Ryan Reynolds could be living a completely different lifestyle with their high celeb status but they make a humble life and are busy raising two beautiful babies rather than feeding the limelight. I can’t wait to watch them grow their family and success at the same time.

PAULETTE & DENZEL: Denzel Washington is so cool and has been around for decades in the media yet none of us know about his private life. He’s been married and has been inseparable from his wife since 1983. Denzel’s advice,“I just think that you have to work at it. Not give up on each other. It’s a commitment. It’s not all the honeymoon, it doesn’t last forever, so you work at it. And hopefully you’re good friends first, that might help!”



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