Secrets from an Esthetician Expert

Secrets from an Esthetician Expert

Secrets from an Esthetician Expert

Secrets from an Esthetician Expert

Aura Avenue Interview with Orange County, Ca Esthetician Stevi Kuhn.

image skincare
In your expert opinion, what is the best skin care on the market?

I would have to say Image Skincare. They have the most amazing smelling products that actually work!! I was skeptical at first to try a new line, but literally after the first night, I woke up to amazing skin! They have different product lines for every skin type! What’s great though is that you can mix them up for a custom routine just for you. It is only available by an approved distributor- such as facelogic in the district- so you know that what you are buying is exactly what you will be getting. I absolutely love it. (And no I do not work for them)

What are some of the most common issues women deal with in the skin care department?

A lot of women are concerned with not so much wrinkles, but hyperpigmentation these days. With fillers and Botox available so easily these days, women want to try to get rid of the dark spots or scars now. They are difficult to but can be treated. It takes dedication and use of sunblock daily.

Do you find skin issues more related to diet, enviroment or things most related to what we put on our skin?
To be honest everything affects the skin but mostly sun exposure and genetics. 85% of aging signs are cause by the sun. This is why sunblock is so important! Look at it this way, there was a video on YouTube where a UV filter was placed over the camera. When people walked up to the camera without any sunblock you could clearly see the sun damage that had been done i.e. freckles wrinkles etc. when the subjects were asked to play sunblock on their face instantly, wherever is was placed, the color black covered their face. The sunblock was acting as a mask to protect their skin. When the filter was removed from the camera the subjects looked as they normally would, but now they were protecting their skin. I personally never understood the importance of sunblock until I saw this. 

Genetics will dictate your skin type: oily, acneic, dry, combo, etc. There is no way to change this. But there are products out there that can help calm the issues that bother you. Seeing an esthetician every 4 weeks is the best thing you can do for your skin. Setting a plan, getting the right products, and following the home routine will give you the results you hope for.

What prompted you to get into skin care? 

Before this, I was a graphic designer. I loved being creative but felt I wasn’t helping people the way I wanted to. As a child I suffered from cystic acne. I tried EVERYTHING I could to get rid of it but the only thing that worked was accutane. I know the pain and insecurities that come with having acne and skin issues. So I decided I wanted to help people to treat their issues without the use of a major prescription.

What is your daily and nightly skin regiment?

In the morning:

-Vital C cleanser and serum
-Prevention + daily matte moisturizer SPF 32
At night:
Depending on the issue I am having with my skin that day either
-Ageless cleanser, clear cell cleanser or vital c cleanser
 -dermalogica daily microfoliant (a gentle exfoliant great for all skin types) and iluma exfoliating powder
-I would use a mask after this 2x a week depending
-the vital c serum and iluma lightening serum
Anything else you want women to know about their skin or skincare?

-You do not need to pay a lot to get the results you want.

– Do not be afraid of chemical peels! There are so many kinds and a lot that don’t make your skin slough off but still give you great results

– Go somewhere that has the most up to date knowledge and technology

– sunblock, sunblock, SUNBLOCK!

– There is always a solution to what’s bothering you. Don’t lose hope!!


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