Date Night & Summer Fun Inspiration

Date Night & Summer Fun Inspiration

Date Night & Summer Fun Inspiration

Sunshine . Good Wine . Date Time

Aura Avenue Summer Fun Date Night Blog

Are you getting bored with your routine? Need a jump start to get your relationship moving in the right direction? There’s only a few weeks left of this glorious summer so don’t get stuck in a routine that leaves you without the memories you deserve!

Take it from us.. we KNOW relationships are not always easy. And we ALL fall short of being the perfect wife, girlfriend or even sister, friend, daughter… There are always going to be distractions and days that just do not give us as many hours as we’d like to share with the people we love. So give yourself a break and take that weight off your shoulders. We as women should be able to talk about the areas in life we fall short or feel disappointment and should not feel bad EVER for seeking help, guidance or advice on them.

If you feel that you’ve neglected a certain person/group of people in your life lately or if you just have been stuck in a place that feels stagnant or dull, there are so many ways to change that feeling around and get back to where you want to be in your relationships. Possibly even your personal relationship with your SELF needs to feel some love.

Before the summer ends, we challenge you to taking one (or more!) of the date night ideas below and dedicate a full day to enjoy it it, whether that be with your significant other, a friend or even alone and embrace the blessing of rekindling or giving a fresh start for the rest of the season and year to that person.

Pinterest Photo Movie In the Park Date Night Inspo

  • Drive in or Park Movie : There are so many new and old drive in theaters and now plenty of communities that are doing ‘movie in the park’ nights for both young & old! Try searching your local community or county’s even calendars online or perhaps ask your grandparents to see if any of their old stomping grounds still exist!

Food Trucks Aura Avenue Date Night Ideas

  • Food Truck or Fair : The food truck hype is still on fire throughout the country and more and more breweries, town squares and community events are picking up on the trend. Ask friends/family to steer you in the right direction and give your favorite drinking hole a suggestion to invite a local food truck to one of it’s busier nights. If you can’t find a food truck in your area then the closest are most likely parked at the fairgrounds! You’d be surprised at the new/healthier trucks that come around now days compared to when we were young with aching tummies from elephant ears and cotton candy!

Scooter Date Night

  • Rent Scooters or Convertible : This is a favorite summer date night idea of ours. On of Chelse’s first dates with her beau Brandon was a scooter ride to the lighthouse near her family’s summer home. Each year they have re-played the memory and take the same ride to watch the sunset together. If you know anyone with a convertible or classic car see if you can rent it for an evening of fun. Many larger cities and the majority of airports rental centers have great deals on daily rentals of sportscars and convertibles. Turn up the tunes and feel the love.

Rooftop Sunset

  • Rooftop Happy hour : If you want an excuse to wear a summer dress you haven’t taken out of the closet yet or just a more mellow night with a view try a rooftop bar or lounge for happy hour and a sunset. Many hotels and beach town restaurants have rooftops with great views and happy hour won’t break the bank. If you can’t find one near, make your own! Just be sure to have a safe ladder, blanket to make it comfy and probably a basket or two to hold your drinks & hors d’oeuvres in!

Farmers Market Aura Avenue Date Night Ideas

  • Farmers Market or Street Fair : If your schedules don’t let you do many date nights or have you exhausted by the time you get home from work, try a farmers market or street fair for early morning or a lunch date. We love this idea and it actually is so refreshing to get out of the house early and down to a local market to buy some goodies to last the rest of the week or weekend. Research what is in season and write a list of produce to search for that maybe you have an old or new recipe for. You’ll have a full heart after meeting new people, buying locally and eating healthy.

  • Tubing down Lazy River : A recent exploration of surrounding areas to her home in Michigan made (Chelse) run into the funnest lazy river expedition with her family and loved ones. Make it a large outing or splash around with a fun date. This will be a memory for the books!

Strawberries Aura Avenue Date Night Ideas

  • Pick Fresh Fruit : Every time we pass a fresh produce cart or truck set up alongside the road it reminds us that our roots come from a f hard working farmers and hippie lovin’ organic parents that made us the way we are. No better way to show our appreciation to those who still make it easy for us to have access to fresh and organic produce than by going out and experiencing the picking ourselves. We just found this epic site that has us overjoyed for the Fall season to be upon us so we can pick our own apples, pumpkins and other late seasoned veggies and fruits this year! — CHECK THIS SITE OUT NOW!!!! Seriously- a personal thank you to whomever devoted time and energy to make it! Yes, even you southern Cali humans can go pick your own fruit and veggies 😉

Hiking Summer Date Ideas Aura Avenue

  • Hike & Watch Sunrise : Again, if your schedule or life opposes date night, make it date morning! We are obsessed with this idea and know there is no where more beautiful to watch a sunrise than next to the one you love. Search new hiking trails, bring your hammock, water bottle + provision and take to the trails.

SUP Aura Avenue Summer Fun Date Night Blog

  • SUP : Not only is this the most meditative and relaxing activity but it is actually a work out at the same time! Sounds like an oxymoron but yes you can have fun and get a good burn in together! SUP has exploded over the country in the last several years and there are so many great surf shops that can couture your experience for exactly what you need. Whether you are getting out on the ocean, in a harbor or on a lake, there are paddle boards for every type of water. Make sure you shop local and stay away from the big box stores that won’t be able to tell you where the best sight seeing is or what the best board for you and your needs. We may be biased but Riviera Paddlesurf is our favorite brand.

Wine Tasting Aura Avenue Summer Fun Date Night Blog

  • Beer or Wine Tasting : We had the pleasure of enjoying Pahrump Valley Winery in Pahrump, NV this past June and it was so much fun to wine taste at the facility. Not only did we learn a ton but we got to sit down for a beautiful dinner amongst the vines and a picture perfect sunset. Something we feel we should add is while wine tasting or beer tasting seems to be only for heavy drinkers, you actually do not get served large amounts so you can enjoy the knowledge/training your receive and opt out of a heavy night of boozing. Know your limits and stick to the every other rule if you do decide to have a glass or two of your favorites!

Guns N Roses Concert Aura Avenue Date Night Ideas

  • Concert : Surprise your date with tickets to their favorite band. Or, if on a budget check out the local guys at the brewery or park! There’s tons of concerts left on the schedule for Summer and throughout Fall. Take your picnic blanket and beach chairs with snacks. Dress up or down and sing along as loud as you’d like; the choice is yours.

Play Tennis Aura Avenue Summer Fun Date Night Blog

  • Play Tennis : Love All?! If you are competitive and like a little bit of rallying from time to time this is a great sport that almost everyone can learn to pick up or play. Not saying you will be good on your first match but it’s a sport you can grow in with experience and talent pretty quickly. Challenge another couple to doubles or play singles with your beau. Community courts are free and almost every school yard has them too.

DIY Outdoor Projects Aura Avenue Summer Fun Date Night Blog

  • DIY Day : It always seemed like doing work on date night would never be of interest to us until the lovely world of Pinterest came around. Now all we want to do are fun crafts, projects and house DIY’s after all of the inspiring posts and pins have shown up daily on our feeds. Find a project that isn’t too daunting but can be intertwined with BBQ’ing or another activity you can enjoy in or outdoors. Recently I helped Brandon re-finish our patio chairs, oil up our teak furniture and move around furniture for a fun new layout. Our new setting seems fresh and upbeat to change things around. Next we will conquer some indoor projects. Hopefully I can remember to snap some more photos and share with you all!

Standup Paddle Date via Aura Avenue Summer Fun Blog

  • Learn a new sport : Never let your age or any other reference keep you from trying something new. At the age of 25 Chelse started to learn to surf. We read a story recently about a woman’s mother who started archery at the age of 40 and even made it onto the ’94 Olympic team! There are so many sports out there that can help you stay young, fit and healthy that you’ll never know if you’ll like unless you give them a try! Possibly golf, salsa dancing or fencing are next up on the list for us! Check out your local rec teams and community flyers for classes you can join or part take in.

Fishing Couple Aura Avenue Summer Fun Date Night Blog

  • Go Fishing : I am becoming a fishing addict now that I spend so much time on the ocean! No matter what size you are reeling in it is a guaranteed good time. And if you don’t catch anything, you can still listen to good music, have a cocktail and enjoy being on the water.

Lighthouse Date Aura Avenue Date Night Ideas

  • Shore Explore : Being from the Midwest we are avid lovers of the lakeshore and all of the beautiful lighthouses, fall foliage, crisp waters and even shells + rocks that wash ashore. Sometimes taking an afternoon of exploring your lakeside or sea shores will leave you enlightened and full of fresh energy in your life and relationships. Find some driftwood to make a project out of, collect shells, have a picnic, write your names or a goal/quote/meaningful memoir in the sand and even build a sandcastle if you’re up for it.

Petting Zoo Aura Avenue Summer Fun Date Night Blog

  • Petting Zoo : This isn’t just for toddlers anymore! There are so many great petting zoos and local pop-ups that we have been running into over the past year! While wine tasting I met this alpaca (in the photo) and had so much fun playing with him and his goat friends. Even on Christmas last year my church had a petting zoo as well as camel rides! Bring some child-like fun back into your relationship by experiencing fluffy, weird and comical animals at a petting zoo near you. Many farms, zoos and ranches all over the country have plenty of local events they attend and even welcome animal lovers at their own facilities.

Let us know what your favorite date night place or activity is! Would love to share some new ideas in our next post on relationships and fun to be had in the Fall!


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