5 Signs You are indeed a Hippie.

5 Signs You are indeed a Hippie.

5 Signs You are indeed a Hippie.

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Are you a hippie?
1. You are a person of unconventional appearance. “Hippies” usually chose to wear what feels best to their soul. Rarely do you see a “hippie” wear something uncomfortable and does not make sense.

2. You typically do not align with most or all political agendas. In a time were politic interest are at an all time high, it is not surprising many are identifying themselves as a “hippie.” Separating themselves from what they may consider to be the norm.

3. Your language is LOVE. Many hippies see LOVE as their religion and the primary guideline for action. LOVE is a verb. Most hippies tend to chose LOVE as their form of action.

4. Your motive is to love everyone. Do you look for specific ways to love on people, of all races, cultures and pay scales. You might be a hippie.

5. You tend to make environmentally friendly decisions in all areas of your life. Hippies don’t just chose glass over plastic, but tend to choose all ways of life that conserve our beautiful planet.


Shot by: Gabriella Cullyne

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