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    Aura Avenue was born from a seed of intense passion in two individuals to create a place where women of all ages and professions could come to gain insight, wisdom and encouragement while pursuing success and happiness. This seed started as an idea that grew into a blog and exponentially sprouted into a colorful collection of entrepreneur interviews, brand editorials and motivational inspiration. Now blooming less than a year after launching on the www – Aura Avenue Magazine is the new edition of resources, stories and collaborations.

    Aura is here to grow & elevate YOU by sharing like-minded individuals’talents, wisdom and inspiration in one place. We hope you can come to explore, engage and be encouraged in all areas of life.



    Chelse K, Co-Founder & CEO of Aura Avenue, is a young entrepreneur from a small town in Michigan. Chelse graduated in 2012 double majoring for BA’s in both PR and Communications Studies.

    During a year-long break in college, she lived in California while following dreams, adventure and love. With a whirlwind of both successes and failures, Chelse found the experience to be the start of what pushed her to pursue new goals with a solid perspective of where she came from and who she truly was, no matter where she went in life.

    With a nudge from family, friends and fate, she took on 2013 by starting her own business. She currently manages over 40 select models and runs a boutique staffing agency that hires beautiful and intelligent young women across the country. She finds fulfillment in mentoring young women she works with by connecting them with opportunities that will be beneficial towards their future.

    Currently back and forth from Michigan to California, Chelse considers herself bi-coastal. She is always traveling to new places and unveiling possibilities to better herself and her business. You can find her best on a beautiful beach, at her desk or boarding a flight to her next destination.

    “I am blessed to be doing what I love as I get to help women open doors to better their careers and create a social identity they are proud of.”



    Meet Ivy Carnegie, Co-Founder & President of Aura. As an all-things-organic lover, she has a huge passion for combining self-love healing with a nourishment focus. Several years in the entertainment industry opened her eyes to the need for focus on nutrition and less on DIET. You’ll find her outpouring of passion in NOURISH.

    Ivy’s passion to educate and influence all generations on natural remedies was sparked by her own health taking a toll in 2004 with a complex diagnosis, little answers and a handful of medication. This really opened her eyes to the need for more awareness of nutrition-based treatment and less on pharmaceutical drugs.

    Loving all things green and increasing awareness of processed food, her and her husband opened a juice bar in Orange County in 2012, with a focus on organic juice cleansing and holistic healing derived snacks.

    Society has put so much pressure on our women and their figures; she feels we should be focusing on getting the best nutrition possible, and fueling our lives from the inside out. All roads lead back to self-love, and without loving on our bodies through nutrition first, what do we have? “For without love we are bankrupt!”



    We can’t help but showcase our talented team who helps curate the images, stories and opportunities that we showcase on Aura Avenue. This is a group of dreamers and doers.

    Photographers, MUA’s, stylists, web designers, mentors and our dear friends above all. These are the people who keep smiles on our faces, money in our bank accounts and passion in our hearts for doing what we love.

    The credits are a little too long to list here but you can find external links in all of our posts to the creative teams that produced them and view a full list of these individuals by inquiring to receive our media kit and campaign collaboration information.

    Katie Aura bio-pic


    Better known on the internet as @bosskatie. You’ll find Katie McQuaid on virtually all social media as she works toward building her personal brand, while connecting with as many people as possible. Katie inspires people to be their beautiful, authentic, spirited selves, and encourages everyone to dig deep within to uncover what we are capable of. She is passionate about helping others and is a role model to those around her.

    “I’ve been in dark places. I’ve struggled with depression, insomnia, body dysmorphia and eating disorders, loss of loved ones, unhealthy relationships… but even during the absolute darkest of times, something inside of me knew that there had to be another way of living. I honed in on that little voice inside, and began to practice listening to it. It’s been a long and sometimes painful journey, but the momentum I cultivated has completely transformed my life. Now when I look in the mirror, I love what I see. I’ve become my own best friend, instead of my worst enemy. I’ve learned to dream big and dream often.”

    Katie currently lives in Portland, Oregon, but is often traveling to music festivals around the country. She loves adventure, culture, meeting new people, and most of all, her independence. You’ll be able to stay up to date on her adventures under Travel. She is equally as passionate about personal development and self care, and will be showcasing some wonderfully inspiring posts here at Aura Avenue.

    “Developing a strong relationship with your internal guidance system is the key to unlocking your true potential, and is the answer to all of your questions. I can’t emphasize enough how liberating and fulfilling it is once you’ve caught wind of this universal truth. It’s so exciting!”

    Bridget Pattee Aura Avenue Editor


    Entrepreneur, adventure junkie and above all wife and mother, Bridget Pattee gives a new perspective to our girl gang with an undying passion for travel, female empowerment and raising two amazing kids.

    She, along with her husband, run a business called EpicQuest. They curate unique trips across the globe that inspire and provide epic experiences to their clients.

    Taking on a larger role with EpicQuest this year by curating new opportunities for female based trips, Bridgett saw potential to collaborate with Aura and showcase some of these amazing adventures with her posts. She also has great advice for family traveling, weekend trips and having an entrepreneurial spirit.

     Too often we forget that we have one life to live and we should find joy in it.

    “Life must be lived as Play.” Plato

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