Friendship, on purpose.

Friendship, on purpose.

Friendship, on purpose.

“One of the most beautiful things in friendship is to understand and to be understood.”

-Luccius Annaeus


Shot by: Rachel Wilkins

It is not always easy to maintain healthy balanced relationships when it feels as though our schedule fills up, faster than we can blink. Meaningful relationships take effort, purpose, drive and understanding. They take interruptions, and intentionally welcoming those life interruptions. True relationships happen on purpose, and with focus.

This beautiful shoot was the most magical, by simply the presence of an incredible group of women. Our wonderful talented friend Rachel, caught so much of it in this shoot. Although you can’t see her physical presence her talent and chemistry is captured in each photo. Choose friendship, and less “busy,” on purpose.aura avenueIMG_6770 copyIMG_6760 copyAura Avenue

aura avenue

Aura Avenue

aura avenue

Aura Avenue friendshipaura avenue friendship

“No friendship is an accident.” It takes a steady stream of continual effort. Friendships take purposeful, meaningful, selflessness. Each participate must bring grace, and offer grace. We promise, the investment you pour into this area of your life, will be time well spent.

Shot by Rachel Wilkins

Location: San Clemente Beach, California

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