Summer is Coming

Summer is Coming

Summer is Coming

With summer approaching it’s time to start thinking about what to do. The days are longer and everyone is more relaxed once school gets out. I admit, I’m a beach person. To me, summer equals beach. But now that my kids are getting older they are seeking more than just the beach.

Jackson Hole has so much to offer. We love it any time of year but the summer months are special. The pace is slow and there are activities for every interest: boating, fishing, hiking, camping, riding and everything in between.

Jackson and Jenny Lakes are amazing. But the Snake River runs right through town and it’s a playground all in itself. It is relaxing to lazily float and take in the scenery. Or you can choose to make it an activity that is a workout. You inevitably see friends in rafts go by at some point. The small town feel is integrated into every aspect of life in Jackson Hole.

The best part of Jackson Hole in the summer is the lack of typical city life distractions. Nature takes over as the key ingredient for stimulation and it is far more interesting.

Try heading to the Old West this summer. It’s a rare opportunity to visit a place that has been protected from sprawl and growth and the residents are proud to call it home.

Mountains, sunshine, water, long summer days, and the activity of your choice to suit any ability — what more could you want?




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