AURA TRAVEL: Five Facts on Pahrump NV

AURA TRAVEL: Five Facts on Pahrump NV

AURA TRAVEL: Five Facts on Pahrump NV

AURA TRAVEL: Five things you didn’t know about Pahrump, Nevada.

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1.They have amazing WINERIES. In the desert? Yes (a date farm is near by also!). We had the pleasure of wine tasting at Pahrump Valley Winery as well as Sanders Family Winery. These are both stunning locations with beautiful venues and lush greenery. Each of the wineries had a variety of wines with in depth knowledge on the type of grapes they harvested and the unique full production vineyards in the heart of the Mojave Desert.

aura avenue travel Sanders Family Winery Nevada Wineries2. There is a real oasis in this desert town. We attended Hydrofest 2016 a Spring Mountain Motor Sports Resort where Lake Spring Mountain is located. This lake is filled with bright blue water that comes from an aquifer deep below Pahrump. Take a dip in the chlorine free, salt free, fish free lake and you will never want to leave! Activities include jet packing, paddle boarding, sailing and an occasional skinny dip. The white sandy beach with its pristine mountain backdrop brags of beautiful sunsets and no noise, traffic or large beach crowds.

Riviera Paddlesurf Standup Paddleboarding

hydrofest 2016Spring Mountain Motorsports Hydrofest 20163. They have a beautiful golf course. We attended Mountain Falls Golf Course for lunch on Saturday and were amazed by the scenery at this location. This was such a stunning facility with a beautiful redone restaurant and bar with plenty of large windows to enjoy the beautiful mountains. Regulars & locals would rather keep it a secret but we’ve been told temperatures stay 5-10 degrees cooler in Pahrump on a daily average compared to Las Vegas and the prices + crowds are significantly less.

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4. There is a multitude of off-road and hiking trails. From the remains of Cathedral Canyon in Hidden Hills Ranch to the depths of Carpenter canyon’s distance into the mountains, there’s some untouched nature in the Spring Mountains of Pahrump. Trails wind through to even as far as Las Vegas, on the other side of the peaks that separate its bright lights from Pahrump. 180 degrees of a difference is an understatement! Don’t get lost or you may end up in a bind with the native Piaute indians who still roam the land. If you make it all the way up Wallace pass keep your eyes open for wild mustangs and jack rabbits larger than your house pets! Make sure you travel in groups larger than two so the mountain lions stay curious from a distance.

aura avenue travelPahrump Nevada Spring Mountains Recreational Park

5. Pahrump sits above the 3rd largest aquifer in the USA.  Pahrump was named after original indigenous name Pah-Rimpi, which meant “Water Rock.” The natives used the land for hundreds of years to ranch and grow crops with the abundance of artesian wells. Around 10,000 years ago mammoths, camels, horses and other big game used to graze its land and roam the shores of the lake (which is now a present day dry lake bed). Several Native American tribes and bands dwelled in the area for thousands of years and since late 1800’s the white man has made his place with mining, ranching and trade posts. Efforts have been seen by the community to keep this natural resource preserved but the future is uncertain for the aquifer.

Dry Lake Bed Pahrump Nevada Aura Avenue Travel BlogDry Lake Bed Effects

It’s truly a magical place to visit and learn a simpler way of life. The people who live in Pahrump today respect and uphold conservation of the beauty and nature as best possible.

“Lest we forget, the true value of our coming to this place lies not in finding a new landscape but in having new eyes. It is my hope that this cathedral under the skies will give to you a set of new eyes, and a whole new way of seeing things.”

— From an old sign at Cathedral Canyon written by Roland Wiley

 Spring Mountain Motorsports Ranch Spring Mountain Pahrump ORV Trailsaura avenue travelAmerican Flag over Lake Spring Mountain

Aura Avenue & MerCulture Swim at Lake Spring Mountain

Hope you enjoyed our adventure. Check out all of the Aura Travel Pahrump attractions from the links below.

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