Catalina Island Adventure

Catalina Island Adventure

Catalina Island Adventure

Catalina Island Adventure

Have you ever been somewhere that makes everywhere else in that current moment feel miles away? Well Catalina Island does that in a way that is unexplainable to others unless you go and find out for yourself. From day clubs on the beach to wild buffalo (seriously!) roaming the mountainsides, there are a variety of activities and fun that gets every type of person to the Catalina Island shore.


I’ve been several times now but my last trip at the end of the summer was my favorite. Brandon and I decided on a whim to pack up a cooler and some sleeping bags one night and head out to the island at first light the next day. We knew we wanted to explore the unknown both on land and in the water, just didn’t set expectations or follow a list. And that is probably the moral of this entire post. To have an adventure, you must leave expectations or agenda at the door.

Catalina Island Balboa Yacht Club Aura Avenue

The ocean is blue like the caribbean and the small harbors make you feel you’ve arrived somewhere in Europe off the Mediterranean coast. Sailboats, yachts and wooden hulled ships find their places among themselves and even though there are well over a hundred in Avalon bay, you always feel there’s room for one more. Getting there is easy and saying goodbye always is hard.

catalina-island-view Aura Avenue

catalina-island-hiking-aura-avenue-cliffsAura Avenue Catalina Island Message Box


We spent our trip at White Cove just north of Avalon where both Balboa and San Diego Yacht clubs share the Whites Landing Beach and make the small cove a private paradise as general public doesn’t have access. You need a boat to get there. There is tons of hiking, fishing and cool views from this spot.

It was a windy day when we arrived but we found a great spot that kept the boat from the swell and got to paddle around, meet new friends on the beach and take the most beautiful hike to the top of  Whittley Peak (which ended up being 1,302 Ft high)! It was incredible; such a rush to see planes flying below and the large wake trails of the boats headed back to the mainland. Scary moment when we almost walked straight into a buffalo on our way back down and to the beach. Thankfully, he was too thirsty to bother us but I sure am glad he found his waterhole after we crossed paths rather than before! Not sure we could have outrun him.

We met a few more friends on our way back to the boat and they invited us aboard so we got to do a little sunset cruise to end the day. It was cool because the entire group was so eclectic which made anyone feel welcome. We finished the evening with a nice red wine and camp style pasta. Catalina Island works up an appetite! Especially after all of the sun and time in the water.




Seriously, if you want an adventure that feels far away from reality, you must experience this beautiful paradise for yourself! If you want to go to Catalina Island it is easier than you think. Find info here for the Catalina Express (you get a free ride on your birthday!) and more history and adventure spots at the Visit Catalina! Again, my best piece of advice is to go without expectations or a schedule set in stone. You never know who you will meet or what dirt road you may find yourself curious to walk down.


May you find buffalo, new friends and great adventure on your trip!
Chelse K

My hike to Whittley Peak:

Chelse K

Chelse K

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