Desert Destinations with Alp-n-Rock

Desert Destinations with Alp-n-Rock

Desert Destinations with Alp-n-Rock

Alp n Rock

In the midst of traffic on its way to and from Las Vegas, ‘the Mecca’ of bright lights and long nights, there is a destination that goes unnoticed with half of its by-passers never gazing much further than the break lights in front of them on the 15.

In the desert?
I mean, what could be out there aside from dusty highways and long dirt roads? That is what I thought until I had the opportunity to indulge in a new world where wild flowers grow in sand and salt flats stretch for miles beneath multi-colored mountains and majestic sunsets. If you take time to look out the window and possibly re-route your course to a new path, you could run into an overload of places that give new perspective to the desolate drive you once knew. Here are a few desert destinations I’ve been lucky enough to find from my own travels. Allthewhile wearing my Alp-n-Rock gear made for the wanderlust traveler.

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Dumont Sand Dunes. This is a desert destination that will not disappoint. Avid off-roaders and duners come from afar to visit this 8,150 acre sandbox. You’ll have more fun in an ORV but it is perfectly acceptable to make a picnic stop out of it to see others tackle steep hills and fly over jumps. Permits and helmets are a must if you part-take! Find out more on Dune Guide.

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Spring Mountain Motorsports Ranch
My home away from home. Spring Mountain Motorsports Ranch is a race track located in Pahrump, Nevada that hosts various auto races, driving schools, and a private motorsports club. Imagine the nicest country club you’ve ever been to or perhaps saw in a movie and add 100+ mph speeding cars around it. Pure adrenaline and the outdoors with 5 star amenities. Get a tour or sign up for a corvette school and test your skills.

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Spring Mountain National Recreation Area
If adrenaline isn’t your thing, you can drive down back roads into Spring Mountain which brings you through desert rock formations and joshua trees, all the way up into deep forests with flower fields and mountain lion tracks in your path. There are several camping sites and you’ll be at peace with nothing but nature for miles.

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Death Valley National Park
Known as the land of the extremes Death Valley is the largest national park in the US with 3.4 million acres of desert, mountains and plenty of adventure. My three pics to go see while it is still Spring would have to be:
Artists Palette- Scenic views of watercolored rockbed and it requires no hiking. You are sure to fill up your camera here.
Eureka Dunes- if you don’t have a 4×4 or ORV for Dumont Dunes, this part of DV is a great alternative for a desert dune oasis. Beware though, as the spring/summer months have brought world record temperatures (the highest temp recorded on earth of 134°)!
Kilns at Wildrose- Ten beehive-shaped structures that serve as the starting point for the Wildrose Peak Trail. The old kilns were built in 1876 and used to process silver and lead ore.

Tecopa Springs Aura Avenue Desert Destinations Blog

Tecopa Hot Springs
Tecopa Hot Springs are located just outside of Death Valley Park. Natural hot springs, mud baths, the Death Valley Brewery and a couple of quaint resorts draw visitors to this sleepy little town off The Old Spanish Trail (Hwy 127). It was a rest stop for wagon trains heading west to California way back when.

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