Dubai or not to Dubai

Dubai or not to Dubai

Dubai or not to Dubai

For the adventure travelers who are flying Emirates there is a layover option in Dubai you should consider. There are many flight routes that stop in Dubai and this is a great option to turn that stop into a layover. The Middle East is rich in culture with friendly people and we offer many customized trips for couples, families or groups. Dubai is a magical city that is feels brand new in a region of history going back thousands of years.

The water temperature is so warm you will no doubt go for a swim late at night. The city is bustling before sunrise and when the sun goes down due to the heat during the daylight hours.

If you are game to extend your trip for a couple days then I recommend getting off the plane, get out of the airport and go explore this fascinating city. For the past two decades the government has worked to uncover heritage sites and develop the fascinating skyline, world-class shopping malls, and promote the luxury desert safari.

There are hotel options for every budget. And there are food options for even the most picky eaters. We couldn’t help but go in the 5 Guys we noticed and loved seeing the menu in Arabic. Good thing my daughter knows the language so she can do the translating. Dubai is a city unlike any other and hard to describe because it should be experienced.

There are really four areas to consider staying overnight. Jumeirah Beach, the Marina, the Palm Islands and downtown. The Palm Jumeirah is a planned archipelago. It is easy to uber anywhere and they even offer uber chopper as a transportation option. The Jumeirah Beach is a long stretch of shoreline and includes one of Dubai’s newest family-friendly pedestrian malls. The Marina is luxury on the water and many restaurants are open past midnight. The Palm Islands are man-made with pink beaches and includes high-end hotels and luxury beach clubs. And downtown hosts the Dubai Mall and Burj Khalifa.

The Dubai Mall is worth checking out. It is the largest mall in the world and feels like a city itself. It hosts some of the most popular stores, such as The Gap or The North Face. And as expected there are the luxury brands everywhere, including Chanel or Cartier.  The Dubai Mall also offers an indoor ice rink and an amazing aquarium. Their idea of a food court is actually restaurants in an specific area. It is not an open seating areas offering take-out pizza slices or burgers we normally see in the US malls. The best part was the diversity of mall-goers and the ease with which everyone mingled. We not only felt very welcome everywhere we visited but it was mutual respect sensed among all the people in each situation.

Right outside is Burj Khalifa, the tallest building in the world, standing 2,716ft high. It’s an interesting design and is a symbol of pride for the United Arab Emirates. Since the heat can get to excessive temperatures the malls are a major gathering spot. And many will meet when the sun goes down to watch the water show near the Burj Khalifa and make it a social outing.

The city is often described as the “Las Vegas of the Middle East.” I completely disagree. We didn’t see any gambling nor did we have an Elvis sighting. I’d describe Dubai as the “Modern Day Jetsons.” It is clean, shiny and very technological. Everywhere you looked it appeared even more crisp and cool than the last building. The metro stations were futuristic. And the airport was amazing. This is a picture of bank of elevators that had a waterfall behind them. The escalators didn’t move until you put your foot on them. The airport raises the bar for standards.

Emirates Airlines has an impeccable reputation for service and I have to agree. The flight attendants were professional and poised and every detail was perfectly executed. When thinking of your next vacation, we strongly encourage you to consider the many options in the Middle East. Be bold and put EpicQuestMiddleEast on your list of trips to take in the near future.

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