Get Away With Friends

Get Away With Friends

Get Away With Friends


When given the chance to get away for a weekend with friends, the answer is Yes. There will always be reasons you can come up with to keep you from going. But I urge you to pack that bag and go because while there may be more chances down the road, this one opportunity won’t come again. Don’t miss it.

Aura MI trip

Last month I flew to Chicago to meet up with three high school friends for a break for our normal routines.girls-getaway-aura-avenue-by-bridgett

We drove to what is known as Harbor Country, in nearby Michigan. The Fall was coming into color and the weather was perfect. Many Chicagoans have summer places in Michigan because you don’t have to drive very long to feel far away from the big city.

Aura Avenue MI trip2

The little lakeside towns that are on the eastern shore of Lake Michigan have both good restaurants and cute boutiques to poke in. Antiquing is the original form of pinterest —  walking in an out of shops rather than searching the web and pinning. Nothing compares to the real thing. One of my friends was looking for a special piece to go in her new kitchen and it was fun to be on the hunt with her. We used to go shopping for a Homecoming Dress and now we are helping her find some items to create a home. The years may have passed but our lives still blend and overlap in many ways as we all approach motherhood and building a future with our growing families.

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While in the cabin, we laughed a lot. There is something about a friend who knew you when you were 14. It still feels like a sleepover where you stay up late into the night talking. The weekend went too fast but it was great for the soul. It’s easy to say no to trips because you are busy, tired, or have to juggle too many things to make it happen. But trust me, those reasons will still be there when you return home but this chance to laugh and reconnect with friends who know you like nobody else in the world will not come around often. Say yes. Pack the bag. Go.

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