Travel Tips: Be in the Clear

Travel Tips: Be in the Clear

Travel Tips: Be in the Clear

Summer is the boom time for travel. It’s when we all plan a much needed escape. We have weddings to attend, families to visit, and beaches to enjoy. But the problem is how do we get from here to there.

Once upon a time, air travel was exciting. It was expensive but it was worth it. Now, it’s even more expensive and can often lead to heartache and frustration. I’m happy to report that there are actually a few ways to make some of the stresses of airport travel a little easier. They take a bit of planning but you will be happy you did.

First, TSA pre is a time-safer. It costs $85 for the membership and lasts for 5 years. The nice part is once approved, you don’t have to remove shoes, laptop, belts or light jackets when going through the scanners anymore. Go to this link TSApre to start the application.

Second, consider getting Clear. It’s been a dream for me and my family since these past few months. It lets you bypass even the lines for TSApre. The reason you want both is because you get to have the benefits of TSApre but skip the line. The absolute best part, in my opinion, is you don’t need your ID out. No more fiddling with your purse and wallet and putting your ID away right as you are trying to get your belonging on the belt for scanning (with impatient travelers breathing down your neck like you are holding them up). You just use two fingers to scan and it finds you and gives the Ok. Once the machine give the approval then a Clear representative tells the TSA Security agent you are all good and you get to skip to the front of the line. This is like getting a VIP badge to get secret access. Yet, you don’t have to be a superstar to get it. The program is growing and will be in many more airports this year, as well as other venues. To learn more click ClearMe and get that added boost to your travel experience.

Lastly, if you are going to be doing some international travel this is a system that will make your return trip home a breeze. When you land back in the US after your trip all you want to do is get your bag and head home. But there is the long, sometimes very long, line for the passport control. However, if you have Global Entry then you whiz through all that and are on your way. It’s like E-Z pass for passports. Again, give yourself a little time to plan for the approval process. Click Global Entry to find out if there is a center near you and the information about the program. One perk is Global Entry members are eligible for TSApre.

Before you embark on a lot of airline travel, check out these programs offered. If you travel frequently, these will save you time and a lot of stress just getting through the airport on each end. Happy Travels.


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