Outside with Friends

Outside with Friends

Outside with Friends

When you combine friends with the outdoors it is magical.

The best part of living in Jackson Hole is the news of a snowstorm arriving soon doesn’t affect any plans. School is in session, roads are clear and everyone still finds time to get outside to play.

Cross country skiing is my favorite sport in the winter because it gets me outside to enjoy nature, breathe fresh air, and at the same time socialize with friends. There are rarely situations or sporting opportunities where people of different ages and ability can participate equally in an activity. We can gather a group and go out on the course for an hour or I can be solo and listen to music while I get in a workout.

I like spotting the wildlife that are trying to hide as we ski by. Today there was a moose bedded down and eating. The other day there was an eagle that followed us at different points. It’s a friendly reminder that we are sharing this beautiful spot and to take care of it.

There is a steady increase in interest for epicquest trips for females and some want to explore Jackson Hole but are intimidated by its reputation. The common theme is a desire to be outside with friends because finding that time at home is too difficult to coordinate. I love to plan trips for this reason because the clients are as excited about the other people attending as they are about the destination. When the goal for a retreat is centered around the people gathering then there is no chance for a client to leave disappointed. Prioritize family and friends while you can.

Make time for you and make time for friends. At the end of the day when you lay your head down to sleep, would you rather think back at all of the laundry you folded or smile at the memory of what you encountered while playing outside? For me, I can do laundry at odd times of the day but I’d like to soak in as much daytime outdoors as I can, for as long as I’m able. Make every day count.

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