SUMMER LOVIN. 10 New Ways To Enjoy Your Summer Months.

SUMMER LOVIN. 10 New Ways To Enjoy Your Summer Months.

SUMMER LOVIN. 10 New Ways To Enjoy Your Summer Months.

We all get stuck in our own whirlwinds before we realize we are spending endless many hours behind the desk or with our phones held to our noses. We hardly even notice all of the fun others around us are having and will have this Summer! Don’t get stuck in old ways and miss out on memories; take a few of these ideas and put them on your calendar now! Spread the love & invite friends along or use each as an opportunity to make new friends this sun filled season.

1 – Watch movies in the Park! I had no idea this was a thing until a couple summers ago! Now I have all of my favorite movies playing this summer listed on my calendar and can’t wait to go! You would be surprised at how many neighborhood parks, hotel lawns and even marinas are now showcasing the classics on large screens via projectors. Bring your blanket, snacks and be ready for laughs.

2 – Go wine Tasting. Contrary to belief, you don’t need a vineyard to be able to wine taste. Check listings for local wine bars or events that are put on to do tastings (many paired with fun food trucks or bands!). Many wine stores or wine bars have a club you can join where you get to try out the newest labels and pick up wines each month, where in many cases are much cheaper than if you would by them off the shelf.

3 – Go hiking. Being outdoors is one of Summer’s greater glories. I relish in each moment I get to watch a sunset, sit out under the stars in bare feet or even walk on the beach. Hiking is a great way to explore some of your areas secret viewpoints or scenic areas while getting your nature fix. Look up wildlife refugees, national parks in your state or even nature walks that others have possibly blogged about or that have been put in articles.

4 – Go to a local festival or destination as a tourist. This is a favorite of mine. Instead of exploring a festival or destination as a seasoned visitor, try the outing with a new eye. Ask questions to see if people really know their stuff and check out the sites/venues that you normally don’t have on your agenda. You may be surprised and even delighted in the fun you can have with this approach.

5 – Throw a Luau or Soiree. We all love a good BBQ but a luau or summer soiree is a great way to get friends to add a little extra pep in their step and have the most enjoyable time together. Using either theme (or make up your own!) can bring plenty of fun along the way with crafts to make your own decor, making fun music playlists and buying food or having guests bring dishes that match the ambiance. You can send free and paperless invites too that keep the rsvp’s coming (I use punchbowl or evite).

6 – Go night swimming. Obviously with the shark scare here in SoCal I am not doing this any time soon in the ocean… BUT… a pool is plenty fun too! See if you can make a friend or family member let you borrow their pool an hour or two once the sun goes down to take a little swim with your besties. You didn’t here this from me but it is also fun to sneak into local hotel or gated community pools too if you are feeling daring ;).

7 – Pick local produce or go to farmer’s markets! I can’t imaging life without local produce! It makes everything sweeter in the Summer. I love going home to Michigan to pick blueberries or strawberries and putting them on EVERYTHING. We are also lucky to get the best rhubarb and asparagus… not to mention CHERRIES there too. I know not every area has an abundance like the Midwest but there are plenty of Farmers Markets that bring local eats straight to your table. Just Yelp for famers markets and google search if you have any nearby U-pick farms. Orange County has with strawberries in season currently!

8 – Start a diary. Literally, a diary! Start it and each time something happens in your life that leaves you pondering or thinking of it again, write it down! Whether you are writing to a broad audience, yourself or possibly someone you love, it is soothing and a great way to get some creativity out. If you don’t have the patience to write Siri always helps (I use her to write notes all the time!). You can do it. And you’ll be thankful you did when you find your notes years from now. Trust me.

9 – Pick up a new talent. Learn to play guitar, paint, make dream catchers, surf or speak french… whatever you’ve ‘always’ wanted to do, start now. Why wait!? The only thing that holds you back from becoming a DJ or bellydancer is yourself. Really though… start now.

10 – Make camp fires with every possible opportunity you have to. Seriously, nothing is better than the smell of campfire at dusk, eating an absurd amount of s’mores and staying up too late as you watch coals turn to ashes. Yes, you’ll have to wash your hair and all of your clothing come morning but you were going to wash them anyway. Great conversations, endless laughs and the best of memories are to be had.

Remember… a little fun never hurt anyone.

Make sure to tell us where Summer 2017 takes you!



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