Transcending into the New Year: 2018 w/ @bosskatie + Our Siddhi

Transcending into the New Year: 2018 w/ @bosskatie + Our Siddhi

Transcending into the New Year: 2018 w/ @bosskatie + Our Siddhi

We are finally reaching the end of this rollercoaster called 2017. What a ride, right? In numerology, 2017 breaks down into a 1 Universal Year (2+0+1+7=10, 1+0=1), which brings about major changes, increased energy, large economic and political shifts, and major technological breakthroughs. While these changes may seem intense and overwhelming, they are setting the tone for an uprise in global awareness. The seeds for spiritual transformation on a collective level have been planted, and in 2018 they will begin to bloom.

2017 was a year of adventure. From the Emerald Coast of Nicaragua, to the top of the Stairway to Heaven in Oahu, to the Oregon Solar Eclipse Gathering… my journey was loaded with spiritual destinations. As I explored the world, I was able to explore myself to new depths. It was a year of profound  growth and preparation, and now I am ready to unleash the power that lives within me. The end of the year is upon us, and I’ve found myself eager to rise under the blazing sun of Arizona.

The Oregon Eclipse

Let’s take a trip back to the Oregon Eclipse Gathering. A week long adventure filled with magic, music, and manifestation. I began each morning with yoga and meditation, giving my body the love and attention that it needs. The Yoga Shala offered a wide variety of styles, techniques, and instructors. Each class left me feeling rejuvenated and energized, whether the flow was vinyasa, hatha, or simply an hour long breathing exercise. It’s incredible what our bodies can do when we give ourselves the time and space to breathe.

Yoga, meditation, and breathing exercises are becoming increasingly important in my life. As I grow deeper in my spiritual practice, I become more aware of the small (and big) practices that I can do for my body that raise my vibration and increase my ability to manifest what I desire. Everything else begins to fall away as I hone in on what it is I truly want: a career doing what I love, the ability to express myself creatively, and the courage to communicate with the people in my life. I want to inspire people to chase their dreams and reach their fullest expression of self, and by deepening my own spiritual practice I am able to reach these goals.

The Oregon Eclipse Gathering was truly a celebration of life. Thousands of people from around the world gathered together to celebrate this incredible astrological phenomenon, ‘The Great American Eclipse’.  As the moon made its way in front of the sun, the air drew cold, the crowed fell silent, and 40,000 people stared up at the sky in awe.

So what is the significance of this astrological wonder, and what does it mean for us in 2018?

A total solar eclipse occurs when the path of the moon crosses directly in front of the sun, completely blocking the suns light from certain viewpoints around the world. In ancient history, a Solar Eclipse was believed to be an amplified moment of spiritual awakening. The sun was consumed by darkness so that it could undergo it’s own transformation, only to burn brighter and stronger as the shadows passed. It was also believed that when a Solar Eclipse fell in the sign of Leo, there would soon be an enlightened messages regarding the King.
On August 21st 2017, The Great American Eclipse glided over the United States, fully encompassing our land from coast to coast. While everyone on the planet is affected by a total solar eclipse, the U.S. will be receiving extra love from this one. As a country, big changes are in the works. Ever lasting changes. These changes may not be visible immediately, but the beauty of a total solar eclipse is that it has a veil-effect that shields us from seeing the full story. The eclipse was also influenced by Mercury’s retrograde, meaning that we may not be able to see the effects of the Eclipse clearly at first, but the truth will slowly be revealed.
Now it is up to us to make the most of this transformative period in time. We’ve witnessed the totality of the sun, recognizing it’s shadow side as the reason we have light in the first place. In our personal lives, we must acknowledge and send love and appreciation to our dark side. The sun represents light, but it also represents ego. We see our ego under the light of the sun, but our inner, deeper, hidden self is illuminated under the light of the moon.
The Great American Eclipse was in fact in Leo, meaning that we can expect fire, heat, and amplified energy as we embark on a this new journey. This is our time to shine. We have an opportunity to create American history in the light that our founding fathers envisioned for us. America; the land of the visionary. The land of the rebellious. The land of the free. I encourage you to expand your comfort zone, reach out to the people in your community, start communicating, and let’s work toward healing our country and restoring our virtue. It starts with each and every one of us, living our own truth.

The beautiful thing about astrology and time is that nothing is definite. We are infinitely evolving. So, while current events may make some of us feel lost in the dark, it is important to remember that light can’t shine without darkness! Yes, we are entering a period of economic turbulence and the shadow side of our country is running wild. We are witnessing corruption, fraud, scandal, disease, poisonous food… BUT in times of darkness, all you have to do is remember to turn on the light. The light that lives inside. Light will always cast a shadow, you simply can’t have one without the other. We witnessed this first hand during the eclipse. But if we shine light during this time, and open ourselves to receiving light, we will prevail as we move into the Golden Age.

On April 8th, 2024, another total solar eclipse will cross over the United States in the opposite direction. This will be the first time in American history that two total solar eclipses cross the states from coast to coast in such a short period of time. My advice? Throw your hands up and ride this rollercoaster with a big fat smile. Spread light, love, and laughter as often as you can. Light is contagious, and it’s our time to shine!

The Oregon Eclipse Gathering really did set the tone for 2018. The collective energy of thousands of conscious individuals was enough to raise the vibration of the whole world. I spent hours mediating, setting intentions, praying, and talking to like minded individuals eager to change the world. The atmosphere was light and airy, and filled with creative expression.

“Nations, like stars, are entitled to eclipse. All is well, provided the light returns and the eclipse does not become endless night. Dawn and resurrection are synonymous. The reappearance of the light is the same as the survival of the soul.” -Victor Hugo

The Oregon Eclipse Gathering inspired me to chase the sun, so I made my way down to Phoenix, Arizona on whim and a prayer. I took a leap of faith and I haven’t looked back since. It’s been a crazy adventure, but my intuition was spot on because since my arrival in Arizona, opportunities have been knocking left and right. One mysterious day after another, my journey continues to unfold. My life path becomes more clear. I am able to live each day fully in the present moment, trusting that my intuition and my guides have my back. As long as I treat myself with love and respect, the plot will continue to unfold with grace.

It’s time we all learn to work with our internal guidance systems. We have energetic meridians that flow through our chakra centers sending us signals when things are out of place. When we are misaligned in our life’s purpose, our body feels it. It communicates with us through sickness, fatigue, mood swings, confusion… these are all signs that something isn’t quite right. You can use your internal guidance system to identify where the issues are and how to resolve them. In order to heal humanity on a global scale, we must individually do work on ourselves. I encourage you to push your boundaries and dig deep this year. 2018 is an 11 universal year (2+0+1+8), which represents the portal of ascension, amplifying transformation and manifestation. This is the year where all of the work you’ve put in will really begin to show.

Hold onto your hats, kids. We’re about to go for wild a ride.

xo Katie Shay (aka @bosskatie)

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