Festival Season: What The Festival

Festival Season: What The Festival

Festival Season: What The Festival

Looking to get yourself to a festival this season? Here are 10 reasons why you should come to What the Festival:

  1. The Location 

    What the Festival is held on Wolf Run Ranch in Dufur, OR, about two hours East of Portland. So no matter where you are in the Northwest (Northern California, Washington, Idaho, Montana, even Vancouver, B.C.) it’s only a half day trip away. Rolling hills shine golden in the sunlight and the wind is warm as you cruise with the windows down. Blast some Odesza from the car stereo and you will feel all tingly with bliss.

  2. The Pool 

    I guarantee you’ve never experienced a pool party quite like this. It is the highlight of the weekend. Three pools face the DJ with a grassy hill toward the back, sand pits in the front, and gazebos to chill under when you need some shade. Imagine the sun beaming down on your face while you’re surrounded by floaties, pool toys, and hot bodies all splashing, dancing, and raging. If there is one reason to make it to this festival, it’s the pool party. It honestly doesn’t get better then this.


  3. The Lineup 

    This years lineup is insane. Check it out: 

  4. The FoodI can honestly say that the food at WTF is probably the best festival food you’ll ever find. Portland is known for it’s epic food cart game, and those fabulous food carts make their way down to Dufur for the weekend to provide our bodies with the best nutrition in town. The thai fried rice, the phad thai dumplings, the garden monster salads… all so freaking good and all $8-$12.
  5. The Illuminated Forest 

    Wander into the woods and you will enter the Illuminated Forest which is filled with art installations like nothing you’ve seen before. At night the forest glows and electrifies you as you explore, and each night is a new adventure as you find hidden treasures you may have overlooked before. I am very excited to announce that I will be contributing my very first art piece this year! Keep you eyes peeled for “Chasing Daydreams”.  😉 

  6. The Silent Disco 

    If you’ve never heard of Silent Disco, get ready to have your socks knocked off. Two DJs compete face to face for the light of your noise-cancelling ear phones. One channel red, the other blue. Pick your poison and boogie down under the largest disco ball you’ve ever seen. For reals. 

  7. The Workshops 

    Whatever you’re looking for, you can probably find it here. Need some yoga in your life? Check. Belly dancing? Check. Capoeira? Yep. But the workshops go far beyond movement. You can settle in with some very educated and experienced speakers who may share some knowledge and insight that your soul is in need of.

  8. The Campgrounds 

    There are two wings you can choose to park in: West vs. East. Once you park you can’t move your car, so it’s best to arrive early and coordinate with your friends on which side to choose. Luckily the festival grounds aren’t too spread out (unlike, say, LiB), and setting up camp is a breeze. I recommend pitching some sort of totem or flag so that your crew can easily find you, because the camping is spread out along the forest and it’s easy to get lost in the trees.

  9. The People 

    Aside from the pool, the people are thehighlight of the weekend. In fact, the people are what make the pool party pop, so I’d say the crowd is what makes this festival so great. It was here that I once fell in love, cultivated some of the best friendships I’ve ever had, and felt more comfortable in my own skin than ever before. You are free to let your freak flag fly, chat up the cute guy/girl from across the dance floor with ease, and play beer pong with your camp neighbors. Here we are united.

  10. The Experience 

    If the 9 reasons above haven’t quite got you convinced, let me list off a few other gems this wonderland holds:

  • The Oasis Spa- Luxury showers with Dr. Bauner’s products, chilled coconut waters, massage therapists, and a dry sauna. Yep, a sauna. It’s amazing.
  • The Hookah Lounge- Several large tables and couches come together to create a lounge of hot coals and delicious sheesh. A wonderful little treat worth indulging in at least once. 
  • The Stages- There are 8 stages total and each one has it’s unique vibe. The Main Stage is located on the far end of the field with a beautiful view of Mount Hood behind it, breathtaking during sunset. The Groove Cube, new in 2016, is tucked away in the forest and makes you feel as though you’ve stepped into a European dance club. You are literally dancing in a glowing cube and it’s awesome. 
  • Film- This year the production crew has stepped up their game even further by including independent short films that will add an entirely new experience to the mix. Be sure to check out “Desire’s Masquerade” featuring yours truly!
  • The Marketplace- Shopping is always fun, but at WTF you are likely to find some unique pieces that you just can’t live without. Gorgeous tapestries, jewelry, utility belts, and crystals are brought to you by vendors from around the Northwest. Support your local craftsman and buy a gift for a friend!

So there you have it. Words cannot quite describe how wonderfully epic this festival is, so I recommend you come and see for yourself. Come cultivate new friendships, create magic, and have a life changing weekend you will never forget. See you soon!


xo bosskatie

Find out more information and purchase tickets at www.whatthefestival.com.

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